Tuesday, 6 October 2020

I have never...

 The Torschlusspanik list is a quick way to list what 'I have never' done but there are new things I attempt without even realising. I have been madly writing short stories since lockdown and submitting them to competitions for feedback. I saw one for stories for 8-11year olds and thought it would be a good challenge. 

Many years ago I wrote a picture book in rhyme for 3-6 year olds. It got fairly positive feedback but not published, but I've never written another thing for children since. 

I knocked out a story for the Buzzwords competition and I'm quite keen to see how it goes. I'm not 100% sure I got the age connection right, it's sometimes hard to be 'assuming' how they think and what will engage children, verging on teens. It's a little like speaking another language - you know the words but it's awkward and sounds stilted.

I really like this story though, so I'm hoping it does well. Anyone who writes fiction knows you have a little of your heart with these characters, and like a teenager, you just want them to be liked. 

I'm learning the things I really need to work on are titles, bio's and synopsis. If you see any courses on those, let me know...

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  1. Hi Lydia, I would love to write stories for children. I can't wait to have grandchildren so that I can write for them. Good luck with getting published, that would be so exciting.

  2. Hi Lydia - you and Deb (from Deb's World) both seem to be on the same journey with writing books for children. After Deb described the process I realized it was a lot more complicated than "run Nip run" from my childhood memories! Good luck with the competitions x

  3. Good luck! I'm keen to write for children and just keep submitting, submitting, submitting. One day!

  4. Good luck with the story - writing for kids or YA is so hard.

  5. I have been learning about writing stories as Leanne mentioned and enjoyed my Writing Children's Picture Books course with Australian Writers Centre recently. There's a lot to it isn't there? Good luck with your submissions, it is a lot of work!

    1. Do you do Furious Fiction? I was chuffed to be longlisted last month...now determined to get myself short listed (for the feedback! Ha!)

  6. Loved your take on this. Wishing you well on your quest.
    Thank you for linking up for LifeThisWeek and I hope you join in again next week, where the optional prompt is 42/51 Self-Care Stories #6. 19.10.2020. Denyse.