Wednesday 25 November 2020

Gifts for the hard to buy for - #XmasLinky

I will say upfront that none of these are sponsored and these are what I am actually giving people so if you are one of my friends in real life, maybe stop reading now.


From the makers of 1st World Problems, a brilliant game on Australian politics. You can play as simply a card game and attempt to win the election but for older players, reading about the political shenanigans is hilarious. For overseas players, it is 100% all true* - you won't believe it! Buy here $40 - bonus is you'll have a mirth inducing game for lockdown should that happen again!

*Could be my faulty memory playing tricks on me...but it all seems vaguely familar

2. Mr Consistent Margarita Mix

Bar quality margarita without the effort. You need to add the tequila and pour over ice if you can't be bothered doing the shaker thing. Buy here $30 + postage. 

3. Pocket Change Collective

These little books are great essays written by activists to get people of all ages thinking. Prices vary but you should be able to get them from your bookseller from between $13-$15, depending on sales.

4. Native Jingles Chocolate

The chocolate is a taste of Australia that also gives back to Indigenous communities. While shopping online, look at the lovely balms and lotions too....$12.99.

5. Grace Petrie Pin

The wonderful singer Grace Petrie has some great merch at Bandcamp. The Pin is very cheap but there's also tees and cups...but in UK so get on it quickly.

6. Uplift Fair Trade

These bracelets are $15 and simply gorgeous. They come in a range of colours. The other cute little gift are the wooden Snowmen - Small for $5.50, Medium for $10  or large for $13

Hopefully there's a few ideas there to get you started!

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  1. That sounds like meaningful gifts,
    and the game seems to be both critical and funny.
    I hope you feel well and are still healty!
    Best wishes from Austria, Traude

  2. the US politics have become a sick game.

    1. We aren't far behind you, but don't even realise it...(but the card game is hilarious. It's hard to believe elected officials said and did half the things on the cards!)

  3. Wonderful items as gifts. Warm greetings from Malaysia.

  4. I'm Australian ... I would love to play the F*ck Australia game with my friends over a few drinks. If we are ever allowed to travel home, I shall have to keep it in mind! #DreamTeamLinky

  5. I just got the Braunschweig-game but as much as I love your country... having to endure Chancellor Merkel for way more than a decade and having seen an orange baby on German TV-news all the time I´m a tad tired of politics in general.
    But cool idea otherwise!
    My Hubby always explains how to pronounce his German name like this: "Dingo without `D`". Works.

  6. I am intrigued by the first game! I wonder if it is available here in the UK: off to look now :) Thanks for linking up with #dreamteamlinky