Sunday 8 November 2020

The #XmasLinky

 Every year, for the 6 weeks in the count down to Christmas, I host a link up on Friday's for your Christmas themed posts. I'm feeling a little uninspired to do so, but will go through the motions because why not? So on Friday until Monday, link up your festive posts here and get the cheer out.

My collection for Share the Dignity's It's in the bag campaign is usually my official kick off for the festive season and I'll start stringing the lights in the garden (as Halloween is usually the start of the party season for us, but alas this year, with number restrictions and COVID, it won't be happening...but it may as well LOOK like it's for one in my head and all that).

Get the word out, spread the Christmas cheer and your ideas to get festive. Let's see if we can gee ourselves up to find some Christmas spirit in what will no doubt be the weirdest Christmas around the world ever (and that first one was pretty strange if you think about it, so that's a huge call!)

I will delete non Christmas posts, so please keep it themed in some way).

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  1. I actually want Christmas and to forget about all the other stuff. The world seems dark. But Christmas seems bright and cheery. A thrill of hope. The weary world rejoices.

  2. Thanks for stopping over. I will try and remember to come by tomorrow and link up!