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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Share the Dignity - It's in the Bag #ChristmasLinkUp

It wouldn't be Christmas without charity, and it wouldn't be Christmas without people all over Australia collecting feminine hygiene products and toiletries and gifting them in a handbag to homeless women.

One of my favourite charity ideas, as it's easy to buy an extra item every few weeks over the course of the year and by Christmas have a bag of goodies ready to go. A few weeks ago I got a handbag on sale at Kmart as mine are used until they break, and so no good to anyone.

Just a reminder, collection closes 2nd December this year. Collection points found here.

Make it special for someone.

(More details on what goes in the bag here)

Memory in B&W

I know I've posted this photo before but it flashed up in my FB memories and I just had to share. I really love this picture. It's festive and I like the messy lines...

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Yes men

I have noticed there are two types of people. The Yes men and the No men.  The Yes men are those friends that upon receiving an invite, respond quickly and enthusiastically. They may say No because they're busy, but they don't leave you hanging on the reply.

The No people may say yes but they take their time to tell you, and usually you have to chase their RSVP.

I for one, am very tired chasing RSVPs. I don't care if you come or not, but usually your NO means I can invite someone else, so an early response is appreciated. We had a party last year and I knew there was another party on the same night. As I had invited people I wasn't really close to, I presumed they would pick the other party, which I didn't really mind at all, as I'd only invited most of them to be social. What I did mind was that I had to chase about 20 of them for the RSVP. If you know you aren't going to come, why wouldn't you tell the host? The next party we had, I didn't bother inviting them because I couldn't be bothered chasing their RSVPs.

A friend was complaining how she had invited a number of people to a ticketed event, and by the time they had all decided, the tickets were sold out. She and I had gone alone because we booked immediately.

I understand life is complicated and it can be difficult to extricate yourself from obligations of family life but spare a thought for your friends trying to organise something. If you're invited, don't make them chase you. It's extra work for them and trust me, it moves you to the bottom of the list when they organise the next event. It's okay to say NO, just say it quickly...

Anyone who regularly does all the inviting will notice this pattern...and no doubt be infuriated by it.

Are you a YES or NO peep?

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Around the 2 hours

The other night I went to the Bombay Sapphire Project Botanicals. It's  finished in Sydney but hitting Melbourne this weekend and tickets available here. It was hard not to love life having such a fun and magical adventure!

I didn't know what to expect but it's a fun sensory evening, with different tastes enhanced by visual ambiance, in a wonderland style bar.

If you can get yourself there, it's well worth the $40 fee.

In the shadows

I just liked the fuzzy shadow of the gate on the rough textured pavement.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Christmas, Who Gives a Crap? #ChristmasLinkUp

In December, I am often giving presents to groups, bookclubs, mah jong and other circles of acquaintances - it's more a little gesture than a proper gift. The last few years, I've given a gift bag with a festively wrapped toilet paper or box of tissues from Who Gives A Crap? along with a small soap or decoration. I easily give 24 or these, so this year I went with the 48 roll box...

What I like about these is (1) you are doing good for the environment and the global community (their profits build toilets for poverty stricken areas)  (2) if you just buy it for personal use, you can use the paper they're wrapped in as wrapping paper (a double win for the environment and your wallet) and (3) you aren't buying things that will just go into a drawer or the bin.

Now my question, what does it mean if I like the Naughty rolls more than the Nice ones?

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Taking Stock - November

This month has flown - exams, our first HSC assessments, and a myriad of doctors appointments and other mundane things not worth mentioning.

However, I saw a great play, Give me your love by Ridiculusmus on MDMA therapy for PTSD at the Seymour. Funny, sad and left me thinking for days.

I read The Scandal, that lead to much discussion in bookclub, especially about how we use words to manipulate and take sides and I am currently learning about the Finnish Education revolution.

I went to the fabulously fun Sip My Ocean at the MCA. If in Sydney over the holidays, definitely make time to check it out.

I have tickets to the superb Fefe's gig next week. I am SO excited as I thought I was missing him because I am away for SFSC in January. However, the Gods were smiling on me! You do not want to miss him if you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide in January. Tickets are here. He's so much FUN!! It's a fab day out and kids under 12 are free.

Lastly, today the nation voted YES. I am very happy that this fiasco is over. I will admit I am disappointed at the high percentage of NO's; even in the top YES electorates, it was still 20% No.  I am saddened at the damage this futile process has done, as we all know the actual marriages won't happen any time soon. Please think of the LBGTQI children in a NO household, who might now be too terrified to ever come out. Think of how they must feel, knowing what their parents think of them? Think of the sense of shame a scared child would feel, being bombarded with the rhetoric of the last six weeks. For that, this process was not worth it. Nor was it ever worth the extra money spent on something that we actually already pay the government to do. My only silver lining in the YES result is those LBGTQI people living in NO households and areas know that overall, the country respects them. Even if we had to be marched to the ballot rather than just treat them with the dignity every human deserves.

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Linking this last photo with #WeekendRelections, as it's taken through glass and you can see the heart reflected in the glass, and the shadow reflected on the wall.