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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Colours of Sydney

The first meeting of the Wednesday Club planned to meet at the MCA for Pip my ocean on a Twilight Thursday, except the idiot organiser (me) failed to notice that the Twilight Thursdays finished the week before. However the Colour Fields Pop Up Bar was still in swing, so we took in the Lunar New Year festivities being set up and rehearsed, while working our way through the rainbow of cocktails.

Then we headed for dinner with a view at the Bar at the end of the Wharf so while it was not the cultural experience I'd imagined, it was a fun night, making the most of this beautiful city we live in. And a lesson for me to read the fine print (or in this case not so fine print, just the details).

Now to think of next month's adventure....

Do you make the most of disappointment? What would you do for the Wednesday Club in March?

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February is...

February is....

The Winter Olympics. Each day I'm squeezing some time in to check out the action. I just love the excitement. The athletes move through the air with grace, like they're flying.

Valentine's Day. I love that love is celebrated everywhere. We need a bit more of that in the world at the moment.

Lunar New Year. I adore the city adorned in red, and the good food and beating drums. Best wishes for the year of the Dog!

Catching up with friends, who we haven't seen since prexmas, due to travels.

The end of Summer.

I love February. There's so much on in Sydney.

What is February to you?

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Mind, Body & Spirit

I was visiting a relative in hospital and outside the cafeteria they had a wellness campaign, where you posted notes to improve your mind, body or spirit.

There were lots along the lines of exercise more, stay away from junk food and have faith in God, but these were the ones that tickled my fancy.

What would you write?
What's your tip to help you love life a little more?

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It's so specific it made me laugh

Monday, 12 February 2018

Unsaid Goodbyes

I was helping Mum clean up the garage and move things into storage when she asked "What do you do with memorial cards?". Without hesitation I responded "Just chuck them, you won't look at them". However as I approached the box she was going through, I saw face after face of people who had been such a large part of my childhood. We used to go to parties and BBQs at their houses regularly on the weekend, swim in their pools, have them over for drinks. They were my parents circle of friends, and we kids went along for the ride. Here they all were, reduced to a handful of photographs to be remembered by.

It was a depressing realisation, that your friends will go, not after a fight and usually without a chance of saying goodbye. They will one day just be gone, and as you age, more and more of them will disappear. 

We decided to keep the cards, an unsaid agreement as we packed them back into a box. At that moment the new neighbours turned up. New in the sense of friends of a decade's standing, not like those now deceased whose friendships had spanned thirty or forty years. They came to see if we needed help, and to catch up for a brief chat. There was a comfort in that.

I guess the moral is, don't stop entertaining and catching up with your friends, just because you have kids (or kids of different ages). As a small child, I loved running around those gardens, or watching tv in the strange lounge, even though the other kids were teenagers and not willing to play with me. I loved playing with their dogs or old box of discarded dolls. These people became like family in my mind, and I mourned again, seeing the photos. Most importantly, don't stop spending time with friends because you don't know when you'll lose the chance to do it again. It's people that make a life, and moments together that make it so special.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy." - Leo Buscaglia

I am a bit of a worrier,but I don't let it stop me doing things. I try to compensate, even illogically, to manage a worry. I worry sometime that eventually the worry will stop me doing something. I'm scared of flying, but I endure it because I love to travel. I worry that the day will come when the fear of flying will become greater than the will to see new places.

I just read Len Deighton's Billion-Dollar Brain and there's an exchange in it, discussing Innocence and Experience. "To an innocent anything in the world is possible...innocence is the knowledge that you can do something and experience is the knowledge that you can't.'
'Experience is a method of endorsing prejudices,' I said.
'No...When did you last call upon your experience? When you doubted your chances of success, that's when.'

I think worry fits in between somewhere. The doubt of success, not necessarily based on actual experience, but perceived results. In Left for Dead Beck's wife Peach organises the 'impossible' rescue, merely because no one told her it couldn't be done. She didn't know it had never been done before, and so she did it.

I don't know how we do it, but I think we'd all be happier with a little more innocence in our world.

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The Lunar New Year hits Sydney

On the eve of the Olympics and the week before Valentine's Day, the Sydney shops have pulled out all stops to remind us the Year of the Dog is about to begin.

I love the Lunar New Year celebrations - and the year of the dog seems to have brought out the cuteness around town. With still a week to go, I can't wait for all the 'official' decorations to come out around the city!

Do you celebrate where you are?

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Monday, 5 February 2018

The Wednesday Club

While away, I read Kjell Westo's The Wednesday Club. The book is set in Helsinki in 1938, in the aftermath of the Finnish Civil War and rise of Hitler's expansionist policies. The Wednesday Club is a group who get together with the purpose "to contribute to the maintenance and exploration of political and cultural conversation in the Swedish language in the city of Helsinki".

I liked the idea of this so much, I've set up my own variation - obviously we're not speaking Swedish and we're not in Helsinki, but I've rallied a posse together to explore political and cultural events, and anything else that seems fun or interesting.

There's little limit on what people can decide to do. Each month someone will be the 'host'. The host gets to chose the activity or event, and pick the date. 

Our first expedition will be meeting at the Colour Fields Pop Up Bar at the MCA and then roaming through the gallery for their Twilight Thursdays, splitting into two groups - those that haven't seen Pip My Ocean will head there, and those that have will check out the main gallery.

I have to say, I'm quite excited to see how this unfolds over the course of the year. At least once a month I should do something I haven't done before, hopefully. 

Would you join a Wednesday Club? Do you already have this kind of circle? What would you suggest if you were 'host'?

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