Sunday 12 August 2012

Home, Home on the Gun Range

By Lydia C. Lee

I have been inspired by Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom, who set herself the challenge in her 49th year, of doing 49 new things before she turns 50. (See I think it’s a brilliant idea, so that instead of becoming set in her ways, she’s setting out to see what else in life she might like.  I too, have decided to follow suit – but no set number for me, and I may as well start now, to get a bit of a head start.

Now as I have spent the last two weeks in an Olympic swirl, and encouraged by the fact that there was a 62 year old shooter amongst the athletes, I have decided to take up competitive shooting, and who knows, maybe in four years or so, I can add ‘being in the Olympic Opening Ceremony’ as one of my new experiences.

I hunted down a rifle range that has a ‘try shooting’ programme. I mentioned to my 12 year old my intentions and he asked if he could come too. I said ‘sure thing, will check the ages’. When I mentioned this in passing to my partner, he was VERY unimpressed. There is not a lot in the parenting that he volunteers input into, but let me tell you, this was it! Needless to say, this will be an adults only enterprise…

Now before you write me off as some sort of crazy gun-toting redneck or war mongering violophile, I’m not into hunting, or even practicing with the outline of a person. I’m talking the distance target like an archery target, which I might add, my partner had no issue with said son participating in when he was 9. I don’t even like ‘those’ video games and lecture my son regularly on the danger of marketing soft terms like ‘friendly fire’ that those games promote. I’m a pacifist, and would never dream of owning a gun, or having a gun in the house. I can however, see the skill in the sport. I can see it as an exercise in discipline, patience and accuracy.

So I am to set off alone on this new adventure (and I will see for myself if it was ill-thought out parenting). Except surprisingly, I won’t be by myself. I mentioned the rifle range to a number of friends and they thought it was a BRILLIANT idea. All female. One of these women is the most elegant, well spoken and artistic people that I know – Ironically, she thought taking the kids was also a great idea. It’s a reminder that we don’t all think the same, yet invariably, amongst our friends, are one or two who do, and that is probably what drew us together in the first place.  It also highlights that I harbour ill informed and other judgemental attitudes towards this particular exercise too.

So now I just need to find a date – see if it’s fun, see if I like it and see if I can do it. Now that it’s down to brass tacks, I am remembering my hilarious attempt of skeet shooting twenty years ago, on a cruise. I missed every single skeet except the last, and I found the gun hurt my shoulder with the recoil. The rifle range I'm looking at is the old Olympic site, so that might have to be as close as I get, but I can still say I did shooting at the Olympics(ite).

 I’m very keen to try it, but am also contemplating my next challenge, as forming the list may be as much fun as completing it…but for now:

Life changing new experiences (or activity I don’t need to ever do again – depending how it goes)*
1. Shooting.

Ray Bradbury said it best “Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” That is my new aim, and I think they’re very wise words to live by.

*As you can see, I need a far more alluring name for my list. Suggestions welcome!

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  1. Ha ha I love it!!! Also now understand your twitter comments ;)

    Go for it! But please make sure you keep us updated. This reminds me of an episode of Modern Family... not sure if you watch but in one episode it turns out the mum has not been attending yoga classes several times a week but heading to the shooting range as her time out!

  2. Yes, I saw that one. They're clever - and totally right about keeping it a secret ;) The list is an on going enterprise...stay tuned as one of the things I'm contemplating stands to be an exercise in public humiliation. Building up the courage to commit to that one. I'm all enthusiasm but no coordination or practicality, so worthwhile project none the less!

  3. Ooh. Did you end up going?
    As a girl who grew up with her dad, I was actually an excellent shot, and did like shooting! I also had the added bonus of not growing up to be a redneck :)
    Since the Olympics I've been thinking of taking it up again too. Will I see you in 2020?

  4. Going on the 13th. Stay tuned. And we're going 2016. Get training. If Nasser can win Bronze with only 10 days training, we should be able to get to the Opening Ceremony with 3 years to train...How hard can it be?!

  5. Good for you for trying something new. Keep us posted!

  6. Yay for YOU!! I have been learning to shoot, too. But refuse to use the human outline as my target; give me a bull's eye, but not a BULL'S EYE. If you know what I mean. We do have guns, which terrified me to touch until I starting shooting my bull's eye target. Now I have a very healthy respect for guns but can at least get mine out of the trunk without shaking when we arrive at the range.
    Hope you will return for our next out of our comfort zone posts on 05.31 to give us all an update! If you would like to be added to our humble email group, I can add you so that you get reminders and the link-up codes for this series. My email is, if you are interested. Bravo!! Have fun with this!!

  7. What a fun idea! I have shot a gun for skeet shooting, and targets, but I like the idea of learning more about them. Maybe when my children are older, and they don't require more of my time. Have fun learning!