Thursday 16 August 2012

What Fresh Hell is this?

By Lydia C. Lee

1. Health fund office at tax time.
2. Tax Time.
3. Nothing sucks the joy out of a morning than making the school lunches for the first day back....
4. Pretty much every song in the top 40 and definitely every song butchered by the 'stars' of tv singing contest show.
5. Why does an 11 year old undo their seatbelt on the freeway? Wtf??!! Hate driving other people's kids to parties.
6. I'm sick of these itablet ads like they’re some great new friend filling our life with fun. Where's the ad where the kids hog it and the parents get annoyed?
7. Gross Public toilets. I don’t think I need to elaborate, but do those people do that at home? Will I one day go visiting a new friend and head to the bathroom only to find excrement wiped on the walls?
8. 50 shades of crazy. It's set in the school yard - and it's not talking about the kids!!! Best seller? (and I really can’t elaborate on that one!)
9. Autotune – enough already!!
10. Cinema car park on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
11. Needy friends playing games for attention - I thought I left that behaviour 20 years ago...
12. Too many 3 year olds hopped up on sugar at party…can only end badly (and loudly).
13. Is there more reality tv on at the moment than ever before? (or am I just missing the Olympics?)
14. Women’s interests media sites that really only serve to divide women. Cheap shots at easy targets to get comments…
15. Celebrities that become mothers and now seem to think that they are famous for their parenting and birthing advice. And they get attention for those comments, as if their opinion is important advice for the rest of us.
More of those moments when my brain just can’t compute the overwhelming idiocy of the world we live in will come, but in the meantime, feel free to add your own.

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