Wednesday 23 October 2013

For your consideration.

Taking a quick break from the normal frivolity, I just want to quickly discuss the options for donating to the Bush Fire Appeals. It is terrible, the extent of these fires. It is awful for the people involved - can you even imagine it?

If you are considering donating money to the Bush Fire Appeal, can you seek out a corporation that is matching dollar for dollar? Your donation still goes to the Salvation Army, but with the added bonus of Corporate Australia kicking in a little too.

Woolworths is accepting donations at the check out, and matching dollar for dollar.
Westfield is accepting donations at the Concierges, and matching dollar for dollar.
Coles is also matching dollar for dollar.

The Red Cross & St Vincent de Paul are also releasing funds to the bushfire victims.

If you have goods you wish to donate, seek out the best way to get them there.

Anyone with details of products on sale, with percentages going to Bushfire Appeals, or of other ways to help, please add in to the comments below.

Finally, as I raised a week before all this catastrophe started, in Stumped, can we consider demanding adequate funding for our Fire & Emergency Services.

As borrowed from the Telegraph:

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  1. The fires have just been awful and the shock of people losing their homes and all their possessions is awful. I actually tried to donate directly to a family who set up a donation page because they lost everything in the fire. Thank you for this information on where to donate.

  2. Thanks for this, Lydia. Good on those companies matching our donations. Those poor, poor people need all the help we can give.

  3. A great post, Lydia. It is such a terrible situation. My heart goes out to those affected, some of whom include my own family and friends.

  4. Thanks for this information Lydia - loss from bushfire is just so absolute, it must be devastating to lose everything.

  5. I have no words to describe the amazing work our firefighters are doing right now (and that is saying something) I think it is awesome that some of these corporations and matching donations dollar for dollar !

  6. It's amazing the tireless work the firefighters do. So sad to hear about the helicopter pilot who died yesterday.
    Thanks for sharing this important info.

  7. Thanks Lydia. I'll be keeping this in mind when I pop into my local Woolworths over the weekend.

  8. I gave at the supermarket yesterday, if only just gave $5 it would make such a different! Great post :) xx

  9. I donated at Woolies today too, not because they are matching dollar for dollar but simply because the collection poster caught my eye, so having read this I'm glad I did :)

  10. When I saw Coles was matching donations I made mine there when I got the shopping yesterday. Every little bit helps.