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Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Favourite Places

'There are so many fabulous far away places to see - such as Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan and Capri'. Some of you, my age, may recognise that as a lyric from Dr Doolitle, the Rex Harrison version. And indeed the world is full of wonderful and wondrous destinations - but as the song points out, what makes a place special to one person, holds no appeal to another. It's funny when you get people to list their favourite places, there will always be someone who didn't like it, didn't have fun or just has a difference of opinion...

I'm linking up this old post for #WWOT and #OurWorldTuesday as the photos make me smile (and wistful as I'm stuck at home today doing office work)

Mine starts close to home.

Cottage Point - every summer we spend days here, swimming and bbq-ing, entertaining groups of friends, and just enjoying the outdoor space on the harbour, in the heart of the bushland. Not 45 mins from home!

Currawong Beach Cottages - once a year, we try to hire out the homestead and spend a weekend a world away from everything - golfing, swimming, playing volleyball and eating (& drinking). There's never been a bad moment spent here. Just a boat ride from Palm Beach, it feels like an island oasis, hidden from the city, and all that business. The kids have a freedom they don't have at home, and space, so much outdoor space to roam. (Also talked about this piece of paradise here)

Singapore - for a non shopper, it's funny this city/country makes the list, but I have a ball, no matter what I do - there is quirky, there is art, there is great, great food, stunning fiery sunsets and outdoor activities, for those that can stand the heat. Best of all, there are always surprises. I seem to discover some new activity or little enclave everytime.

Paris - by far, the best city in the world. I adore everything about it. The architecture, the beauty, the food (if you work at selecting the right restaurants) and the parks. You can just meander the streets and make discoveries with every step. There is a romance that no other city can replicate. (But I've spoken of that love here)

Sydney - Our harbour city is my favourite place of all, as it's my home. We explore it regularly, we make the most of our harbour, and seek out new places and experience. Our family and friends are here, and so much opportunity available, for art, festivals, music and whatever takes your fancy.

So there's the summary. Where are your favourite places?


  1. I love the look of your getaway places - I love that sort of holiday too. My favourite places to visit would be Paris and both the Italian and French countryside smaller towns but they're all pre-kids & are like dreams again now!

  2. love your getaway places in australia - they look relaxing and heavenly

  3. Great list! It's funny, I've been to (and also loved) the overseas places on your list but hadn't heard of the Aussie ones before. Thanks for introducing me to some new places in Oz ... I'm guessing they're both pretty far away from WA though! My favourites are Siracusa, in Sicily, Rome and a little island off the coast of Sicily called Favignana. And lots of little spots around the south-west of WA where I live. Great photos by the way!

  4. Love the look of those holiday parks, sounds very relaxing.

  5. I loved reading about your local favourites. They both look wonderful places to relax and unwind. We even have one crossover on our list and not one I was expecting!

  6. No matter how many places I visit around the world I still love coming home to London.

  7. No surpise why these are your favorite spots to go to.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  8. Nobody will disagree with you, and even if i am not living in Sydney that is also a favorite. Decades ago my first foreign travel was to Sydney, worked for 3 months at CSIRO, and after many places still makes it my favorite place. Then in 2014 i was back still having it as my favorite. Then i visited Canberra, Brisbane and NZ. But upon reaching NZ i changed my favorite, i hope you can relate with me. The trip from Queenstown to Milford Sound gave up Sydney. LOLs

  9. What a great list (even if you are stuck at home!). My boys also played with the boats in the park in Paris. I have fond memories of it.

  10. So many great places in here! It is difficult to choose favorites but I love Mexico City, Madrid and Bangkok. #OurWorldTuesday