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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Message to married people

Okay, it's not really to married people, it's to married famous people. Stop tweeting near naked photos of yourselves to each other. Twitter is not a private message. We don't want to see it. Maybe some people do, but 50% at least just think it's weird. And desperate. And kinda tragic.

I'm not laying into Miley, because that's a whole different kettle of fish. If you want to show your husband your sexy bra/butt during the day, use email, or phone txt. To think News of the World reporters went to jail for this, that now seems to be freely and deliberately offered to the Universe.

I have a young girl. Super little at this stage. I am terrified of what she'll be posting and tweeting to the world at large. Call me old fashioned, but some things are best kept between a husband and wife.

Now Mariah & Kim (because I'm sure you read this), have a little think, if your MUM was tweeting your dad in the way that you do, how would you feel? Because that's what it's like for us. I don't see sexy, I just want to hurl. If my friend tweeted her husband that pic, I'd still be creeped out. No reflection on her sexiness. It's just cringeworthy.

Linking up short and sweet with Things I know. Because I know I will vomit if I have to look at another married person being all sexy for their husband.


  1. I totally agree with you - I don't understand why they have to do it (but that may be because I am so not sexy and so wouldn't even think of tweeting a pic to A that way - apart from the fact that he isn't on twitter !!!!). And you are right - Miley is a whole other story - I saw her music video the other night and was sad to think that she felt she had to do that to make a name for herself.
    Have the best day and take care !

  2. As if there are not enough photos of them floating around on the web, some of which would already embarrass their kids under the table, they feel the need to add to it.

  3. I know I am glad I don't spend more time on twitter if that is all that is going on there. I totally agree people need to stop and think about what they are sending. Not just in terms of photos but everything. It stays around forever you know (or so I am told!)

    Thanks so much for joining in the fun of #thingsiknow

  4. You're not old fashioned. This trend to tweet or post sexy pictures is disgusting... I think it's not only about married people, it's everyone who posts this kind of pictures... It's quite disturbing. What kind of messages that send to the young generation... It's sad... But, unfortunately, they do it and will continue to do it because there is an audience for it.

  5. I'm torn. We see worse in the media all the time. I saw a Kim photo, didn't see the Mariah one. It seems to be how female celebrities think they get attention and success. That is truly a shame. But I think if you're proud of your body and want to flaunt it, tastefully that is, then go for it.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! Some things just don't need to be shared. I'm sure it's all for the publicity but really, this sort of stuff is just becoming really boring and hurl-worthy! I too am terrified of what the world will be like for my little girls as they get older, it's scary!