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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Jump Around (part 2)

So awhile back I got myself (and those kids of mine, who come along for the ride) a groupon to Flipout (as discussed here). In a fortuitous turn of events, I saw Turbo that morning so actually had an earworm of Jump Around in my head - like I was in a movie with my own soundtrack.

We turned up and I couldn't stop smiling when I saw this:

It screams fun!

I had, of course, been terrified by a number of you raising pelvic floor issues, but fortunately all those manic paranoid kegels on the hour long drive to Penrith must have done the trick! Otherwise that would be a blog in itself!
First I just jumped around (that's a highly unflattering shot of my huge butt).


Then I started getting confident, and tried to run up the walls and then when I could do that, I tried to bounce off the wall, as my 12 year old companions were doing with ease.

That was harder than it looked for this un-co old duck, and I got my feet tangled and went sprawling on the floor - but the good thing with trampolines, you only bruise your ego.

What I learnt, was that trampolining is GREAT fun - but it also requires a fitness level that I just don't have. I could not believe how quickly I ran out of breath. The young things even wanted breaks!

We all had fun - one of the kids I took is having her birthday party there (as she loved it so much) and I would definitely do it again. So if you get the chance, go!

You do need to be warned, however, there is an ugly side to this trampolining business, should you take a break. Think your footwear with a little more care than I did.
 Back to the list:

Torshlusspanik List:

1. Shooting (check)
2. Fencing (check)
3. Play croquet at Croquet Club
4. Laser skeet
5. Off road buggy driving
6. Play Assassins Creed
7. Jetpacking (check)
8. The Color Run (check)
9. Invent something
10. Cooking Masterclass (check)
11. Master a Masterclass (check)
12. Perform a rap song (check - this month I have now set the challenge of performing a rap song in French - onwards & upwards!)
13. Trampoline adventure (check)
14. BMX Riding (check)

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  1. That looks like all kinds of awesome. I don't know if my pelvic floor would hold out as well as yours though!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Seriously. My kids would love it. Not sure my bladder would cope with all that jumping though (oh the perils of middle age).
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  3. That looks like so much fun !!! When I was little I used to love going on the trampoline when we went to visit my Mom's aunt - always heaps of fun.
    Have the best day !

  4. Wow that looks like so much fun and I think my pelvic floors could even handle it now, now baby is 2!! You are quite the adventurer! Em x

  5. Oh that does look like fun!! I always enjoy having a good run around on those big trampoline pillows at holiday parks, and my family always enjoy laughing at me when I do. Imagine the fun we could all have at Flipout.

  6. Ooo I'd love to do that! And yes I know what you mean about it taking a lot of energy - when our kids got a trampoline and I jumped on it, I was shocked at how quickly I was worn out! But when you're a kid you don't notice that, you just have fun.

    Oh, and in my opinion it's impossible to jump on a trampoline without laughing ;-)

  7. I would LOOOOOVE this! Looks like such awesome fun. I'd probably pee my pants doing it but, meh.
    Oh, and thanks. I have Jump Around ear worm too now! x

  8. Great shots and what fun! I really want to try this (after my pregnancy)!

  9. Fantastic! I hadn't heard of this place so great to get the heads up. One for the long summer holidays.

  10. OH gosh that looks like so much fun! What a great way to work out and have fun with the kids at the same time :)

  11. You do NOT have a big butt! There is something akin to feeling like a weighted astronaut getting back on a trampoline as an adult, post babies.