Sunday, 6 October 2013

Riddle me this (2)

1. Why do things burn up as they come into the atmosphere, but some things don't? (Like spaceship metal-yes, I saw Gravity - pretty but let's just say not a lot of action).

2. How can the Republicans really believe Food Stamps are a bad thing? Really?

3. Can you imagine if the Government workers all stopped here?

4. Why is a sports field called an oval, even if it's a rectangle?

5. Why can't kids wait A MINUTE when you tell them you'll do it for them in a second? (My son cut his finger because I didn't come rushing over  to cut some cheese for him.)

6. How has it taken me 3 weeks to read a story that's 125 pages long? (Really enjoying Wild Sargasso Sea but just don't seem to be able to sit down and read it)

7. Why is it stupid people talk at the movies? Not only are they annoying you by talking, but what they actually say is idiotic.

8. How did my house get so messy over the school holidays? (I actually know the answer to that, just having me a little pity party)

9. I saw the ad for Green Arrow, and it looks FAB! Why are the worst comics (Thor, Green Arrow) the best Marvel movies?

10. How did Tom Clancy write all those books by 66? I was amazed he wasn't older.

Who has answers? Or do you have other questions?

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  1. Interesting questions you ponder, Lydia. Number five is one I struggle with alot of the time. What's with the urgency, people? :)

  2. Ha! Quite a few of these made me laugh out loud! I'm nodding my head alongside you - especially at 5 and 7. Too true!

  3. LMAO at Number 7 .. that is so true! And why are all the snacks sold at the cinema crunchy??? Its like listening to 300 horses munch their way through a bag of carrots! Thanks for making me laugh on this gorgeous Tuesday morning !

  4. Great questions - No 2 is certainly unfathomable, and No 5 - well I don't think anyone will ever be able to answer that one.

  5. Number 6 and number 7 are definitely things I ask myself too. These days I spend so much of my free time reading blogs that I read real books at the rate of about one page per day. And people who talk in the cinema really do seem to say the silliest stuff - don't they know people can hear them?? :)

  6. I actually don't have the answer to any of those. I'd just like to know why the gardener's day in our complex falls on the same day as my day off work. So much for peace and quiet! It's buzzing all day freaking long! -Aroha

  7. Yes! Can relate to these especially the why can't kids just wait a minute. It's not like it's a lifetime!!

  8. great questions. god knows the answers, I certainly don't!

  9. You'll probably think me frightfully ignorant but I was unaware of the Green Arrow up until now. The Green Lantern and Green Hornet - yes but No Green Arrow. Of course I Googled it - interesting concept. Why are the worst comics the best movies? This has something to do with the casting ;-)
    As for the American Government shut down - its just incredible. I dont know why it isn't headline news here. There would be decades of outrage if it happened it - I mean some people still have not gotten over Whitlam.
    Great post as usual.

  10. Lydia, you do make my mind spin!
    I can't believe how casually the shutdown is being treated in the news?? Seriously, headlines abound over who walked out of Big Brother, but not a complete government shutdown!
    No doubt I'll be getting hints about the green Arrow movie any minute now. Funny how my husband can swing an RDO to coincide with these important events :)

    1. It is actually happening here too - why is this not ringing alarm bells???

  11. I have no idea Lydia. Except for the house being messy because I've got the same problem and probably cause here.
    If you discover the answers, please let us know.

  12. I have asked myself most of these recently! Most recent was about Tom Clanvy - can't believe he was so young

  13. As and add on to number 7...why do they always sit next to me. It's like the universe wants me to lose my cool!

  14. Lydie you pose some great questions, isn't Tom AMAZING!!! Did he ever sleep? Rest his soul. BTW - I have a pity party once a month - it's called PMS :) Em x

  15. No answers here, but I have mused on similar things myself. Except Tom Clancy, I didn't know he was 66, hadn't really given that much thought...

  16. I don't get the US govt shutdown either - how that can happen in this day and age and be considered relatively minor, that's unbelievable....

  17. I love these questions but now that you have put them in my head, I will be thinking about them constantly. Why did you do that to me?