Thursday, 13 March 2014

Even More Riddle Me This?

I'm tired, so tired that that tonight for dinner I'm having a gin and tonic. Don't worry, not an alcoholic. Just lazy - I only have the energy to make one thing, and dinner would be messier, and require more work. It will only be one, as I'd have to get up off the couch to make another, and then I'd have to fill the ice tray. Obviously, I just should have eaten what I fed the kids, but I digress...

Anyway, all I can do this evening is list the weird questions that have puzzled me over the last few weeks...

1. What is brown sugar? (I mean how is it made that makes it different to white sugar)

2.  Kevin Spacey is in Chinese movie - what's that about?

3. Black undies under white shorts? I can already see your bra, isn't that enough? (or am I old and out of fashion?)

4. Why did they nail Jesus to the cross? (I am serious, I don't know, my youngest keeps asking and I keep mumbling about how 'they' didn't like him because he was King of the...mumble mumble - I accept I'm obviously quite stupid to have gotten to my age and not actually know. I did almost say that he swapped with someone and then realised that was in Life of Brian. And I'm not joking about that either.)

5. Sesame Street did an alphabet dance thing and there was a little kid dancing in a wheelchair & it brought tears to my eyes. Is that normal? Best to not to answer that. Just move along.

6. Why do they make all the bonus features on DVDs? Why don't they just make more episodes?

7. Why do we say 'Boo' when we want to scare someone?

8. Why are people making things up on twitter about the missing plane? And why are these rumours then getting published in newspapers? Does nobody fact check anymore?

9. Why do they keep advertising sad movies as comedies? (Philomena is not quite the lark it looks like in the ad, and I've heard Le Weekend is the same).

10. Is this really necessary? Or am I naïve?

Do you have the answers or other questions?


  1. Yes! What IS brown sugar? A great question. And I still don't feel comfortable with the world seeing my bra colour... so knickers too? Pass.

  2. I once worked with an attractive young lady who wore black lacy bras under her unbuttoned white shirt. The bitching from the other female staff about this was phenomenal. Meanwhile I cant believe that the plane has apparently disappeared with out a trace. I had a funny conversation with my husband about all the possible explanations but cant repeat any of it as it was in poor taste.

    1. I'm waiting on a barrage of abuse because I publically ticked off a professor and US Newspaper for deliberately trying to scare people (they published that the plane was meant to crash into the PETRONAS Towers - this was based on absolutely nothing at all). Morons.
      Slightly more stupid than the alien theory is the one that the Pitbull song predicted it...yay human race!

  3. Lydia, I'm ridiculously tired too, so the fact that you referenced The Life Of Brian is making me giggle like an idiot! Thanks for that on this fine Friday x

  4. Haha! They are great questions. I can't answer them. They will probably now keep me awake tonight ...

  5. Honestly, I have never watched a bonus scene/special on a dvd, never really thought about it before. I think brown sugar has molasses in it??

  6. My guesses to these questions
    1. It's stripped of it's husk etc
    2. Kevin Spacey is a dork
    3. Sometime I forget I have black knickers on
    4. Pass
    5. Maybe PMS
    6. So you think you're getting more than you've paid for
    7. Because RAAAAAAHH is hard to spell
    8. Sensationalism has taken over the world
    9. So men go to them
    10. Some people (not you) have NO common sense
    Night night
    Em x

  7. Wow. Good questions! I'll just tackle #8. Because some people are stupid and/or mean, and others are stupid and/or gullible.

  8. Yep, those are tired thought! I always come up with random questions when I am exhausted.

  9. Rom Coms as "comedy" need more than one joke in the movie! Aah. Bugs me.
    I like DVD bonus features - love audio commentaries :)