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Saturday, 15 March 2014



The theme of Sunshine Sundays is Night. All I could think of was a sad little story, which I'll use for this coming First of the Month Fiction.

What I found interesting, was that all I could think of was scary things that happen at night, sad loneliness amplified by the night and all the bad things and worries that seem worse at night.

And yet for me, night is usually a happy time - it's when I clock off, when I go out to watch sport or bands, when I go to restaurants or movies (my happiest of happy places). It's a time when I get to indulge in things I enjoy.

So isn't it interesting I jumped on the bad associations instead of the sunsets and pleasant after dark activities? I wonder why we do that? Be scared of the things that go bump in the night?

I will leave you with a photo from Vivid, a celebration of light (and Night - for you need the darkness to fully appreciate the light). What does the night conjure up for you? And why does it do often represent evils, when from our own experiences, it's usually the reverse?

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  1. It's interesting you say that because when I first thought of the theme - night - I also thought about scary things and that movie that I wish I never watched - The exorcism of Emily Rose. My second thought was of the moon and the beauty the night holds, the third was why can't I sleep? :)

  2. When I'm in a bad place in my life, I dread the night with all my heart! I assume that's the same for most people, but I also know people who don't like the night at any time.
    For me, night is when I get to finish up all the bits and pieces of the day, and ease into a bit of relaxation. I just wish I had more time to catch up on my sleep.
    I love getting lost in movies too, Lydia, definitely a happy place for me x

  3. The night is happy for me too Lydia. It's an interesting, I think I do the same thing as you. Thanks so much for linking in! xx

  4. I can't wait to see Vivid this year. When both my babies were newborns I feared the night so much. I just hated it. Now they are older though and more reliably sleeping through the night I don't fear it so much.

  5. I'm more of a morning person than a night one. I don't fear the night - but I feel it holds secrets somehow. I really enjoy getting up for the sunrise and watching the night fade.

  6. Very true Lydia, we do seem to associate night and it's darkness with scary or sad thoughts/events. I'm glad night is a happy time for you x

  7. I do love to go to bed at night. I stuggle to stay asleep however. All the bad stuff you weren't even aware of, comes out to bite.

  8. I like night becuase it's easier to get outside without the sun beating down on you!