Monday, 10 March 2014

Media and Tragedy

I am so saddened by the news of the MH370 flight over the weekend. I don't want to speculate or discuss rumours, what I want to say is how disappointed I was with all the intrusive photographs of family members grieving. Surely, in what must be the worst experience in their lives, they should be left in peace? Isn't there some sort rule of respect that means they don't have to see themselves, and their pain, plastered over the internet and newspapers?

I read of the 65 year old father having to flee the media scrum under police escort, as he made his way to the room set up for family members.

This tragedy is something that anyone who flies can relate to. It is something that has made a large proportion of the world heartbroken. I don't think the pictures add to the story. I think they sensationalise tragedy for entertainment.

Shame on us for wanting that. Our want is what makes them do it.

And that is very sad. We can do better. We must do better.

If you agree with me, let your voice be heard by not clicking on links that promote those images.

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  1. I do agree. Such raw and unexpected grief is so tragic and shouldn't be made into a public spectacle. My heart goes out to all the families impacted. I'm still feeling shocked about this.

  2. I agree. I refuse to turn the TV on or pick up a newspaper right now. I will not feed on tragedy. I know the event has happened and I am having my own silent mourning. I will not look at the pictures nor join the line to ogle. Complete "news" ban in my house right now ....

  3. It is quite disgusting how the media preys on grieving people - sadly society laps it up which is why they do it. I don't bother with mainstream media, prefer to read ABC or SBS apps on my phone to get news.

  4. I've never understood why anyone thinks they have the right to intrude on another persons' grief! I won't read these ghoulish articles, that are quite obviously just sensationalism. I'd prefer to get just the news.
    This tragedy is just the latest in a long line of media intrusion.

  5. I can't look at those images anyway. They not only make me weep but also get riled up as you have. I have no wish nor desire to intrude on their grief and therefore no wish or desire to click on the images.

  6. I so agree with this. Doesn't seem to matter lately but everything is a media frenzy. I don't think they would like it done to them. It's all about the bottom dollar which sickens me.

  7. I agree 100% Lydia.

    Where has respect and compassion gone for people in mourning?

    So sad this even needs to be discussed.

    MC #teamIBOT

  8. Totally agree Lydia. I want to read the story and hear the information, but not at the expense of grieving families. The media needs to get that balance right.

  9. I agree. It's shocking and disgusting. I no longer watch the news, read newspapers or magazines, there is no reason to be in people's faces while they are going through the unimaginable.

  10. A couple of weeks ago a friends house caught fire. The house isn't livable but it didn't burn to the ground, they were devastated. To add to the grief they had to deal with a terrified 3 year old because local media chased her trying to get a photo..that's right a three year old.

    1. That's disgraceful. I don't understand what people are thinking anymore...

  11. I have not seen any of the photos but I can imagine what they are like as it isn't new. I think it is the best way to avoid those stories but unfortunately there will always be people who want to see those images.