Monday, 24 March 2014

First of the Month Fiction - April

Going a little early this month (as I do every month, let's face it), and prompted by the Sunshine Sunday prompt of Night (so let's blame Zanni for my jumping the gun this time).

For newcomers, examples here but short version: you write a story in less than 30 words or exactly 100 words, and post it in the comments. Then you link up your blog so we can see your work unfettered.

So my story, Night.

It was always at night when the painful loneliness resurfaced.
The large, empty bed reminding her that he was gone.
The cry of a child that she had to answer as there was no longer anyone else to offer respite.
The hardest of all, the intruding thoughts that stole her sleep, demanding she wonder where he was and who with.
The hours loomed, offering pain and anxiety. Minutes crawled.
In the morning she'd be tired and busy with the obligations of the day. The company of others soothingly distracting. The rigid timetables passing time.
It was always hardest at night.

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  1. Great writing, as usual, Lydia. I could really feel her pain, loneliness and despair x

  2. Great writing, and feelings I can relate to...

  3. Night fell swiftly; she barely noticed.
    She was still battling the wilful child who cared not that the sun had gone to bed, and he was to follow.

    1. Also, you write so brilliantly Lydia. These snippets always leaving me wanting more xxx

    2. Nicely done - on the theme of Night too (bonus points for unrequited cleverness).

  4. Wow... a character you instantly understand & can relate to!

  5. Well written. Raw and full of emotion. I remember a night or two such as that a long time back in my past.

  6. Great post Lydia, love your ideas on Night

    Here is my 30 word attempt for this month:

    His hand lingers. Her eyes catches his stare. The empty feeling of knowing between them. Her wedding ring, a cold harsh reminder. This was the beginning of an end.

    1. Oooh! Sad, yet not sad. She seems strong too...or maybe I mean determined. Nice work. I'm amazed how much can be said in 30 words!

  7. It might be only short, but it packs a punch - well done!

  8. Lovely! I am terrible with word limits. Unfortunately I write like I talk... using 10 words when 2 would have done! #teamIBOT

  9. This makes me sad Lydia, so mission accomplished! You're good at keeping to a limit, I'm hopeless :)

  10. Such a sad, beautifully written story.

  11. Loved your story! You write beautifully.

    Here's mine—a quickie! A bit shit, but hey, it's my first go (much harder than you'd think!)

    The only light came from above her.
    The cold dampness of the wet bricks of the well broke through her blouse, sending chills over her back.
    A flurry of activity circled her feet, tiny pinpricks of hunger tapping at her ankles.
    Her own stomach groaned with her last meal eaten days ago.
    How long had she been here? A day?
    A week?
    She was not alone. The sharp scent of her captor lingered nearby—the silent presence of someone she knew but couldn’t see. Sweat. Damp hair. The eerie disconnected sounds of shivering. She knew this place. She couldn’t leave.

    1. ooooo! Creepy....Very John Fowles...(and don't forget to add your blog up the top.)
      Not shit at all - but it is a little like a word sudoko, don't you think?

  12. You're wonderfully eloquent in your phrasing :)
    Keep it up!



  13. I do like these fast fictions and I always mean to link-up but I always forget...
    Very nicely written. Night can be a very thought-provoking place.