Monday 4 August 2014

Crooked smile, wicked style on 'em

I am not a fashion blogger - I know this news is probably astounding to you. But seriously, I'm not.

And here is why.

I saw a super cute dress online. It's a purple sundress for daywear. However, it is one shouldered. And I am 107. Years old, not pounds (that's meant to be a joke but I don't even know if that means I'm fat or tiny?) So while I want the dress, I'm not sure if I can pull it off.

I questioned my FB entourage, explaining it was not an evening dress, but a day time one for strutting around the supermarket, hanging in the playground or heading for lunch. What age is too old for a one shouldered dress?

Of course, because they're my friends, they all said I'd look great in it. All of which I discounted instantly because they're my friends.

So I am asking the fashion bloggers and strangers out there for the honest truth. What age is too old for the one shouldered dress? (I understand evening wear in the style can be worn at pretty much any age, it's the daytime thing that I'm pondering).

I would put a picture up of the dress, but I'm too old to be able to download it, apparently.

So let me have it. What is the cut off for the one shouldered dress?

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  1. Apparently blogger has it in for me. I commented on this last night from my phone - clearly it didn't make it all the way here. Obviously you aren't the only one too old for this technology !!!!
    I'm not a fan of the off the shoulder dress - at any age. But hey, if you want to wear it and all the strategic bits are covered, go for it !!!
    By the way, 107 lbs is about 47kgs so unless you are only 3 foot tall, it's tiny !!!!!!
    Enjoy your dress !
    Me xox

  2. Show us the link :p I think it's not just all dependent on age, but on the style and personality of the person wearing it as well. If you have a confident, vibrant spirit, which you seem to, go for it! At least try it out in the fitting room and see how it goes :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. No hard and fast rules as far as I am concerned (I am obviously not a fashion blogger either!) But I reckon if you feel good and comfortable in it, wear it. x

  4. I have never worn a dress which only has one shoulder but that has more to do with needing to always wear a sturdy bra in my case. If I could have, I would have! Do whatever feels right. You'll know!!!

  5. I probably wouldn't do it, but that's because one shoulder sounds too dressy for me to want to wear to the playground. And honestly I'm a very laid back dresser and rarely wear dresses ever. Unless it's an event. Which, unfortunately for me, grocery shopping isn't.
    So I'm no help really.
    And I think 107 pounds is close to anorexic. But I've got no idea either about that either!!

  6. I don't think there is an age limit. Although the dag in me would hate to have to don a strapless bra to be able to wear it.

  7. You know I've got an evening/race-day type one shoulder dress, very plain otherwise and I've rarely worn it (had it for maybe 5 years). I also have a black evening one shoulder top, again hardly worn. I like the idea of one shoulder, obviously. Yoga-style gear is my current day-time get-up a lot of the time unless I'm at work, when have to dress up a little bit, obviously. Wouldn't wear one-shoulder to work, but that's about as much advice as I can give.

  8. Oh you should have got it!!! The only reason I wouldn't get it because one boob would be up and the other would be touching my belly button - sad but true :(

  9. I would need to see the dress to make a serious comment. I have worn casual one shoulder tops before, I can definitely see a casual, summery one shoulder flower dress working for daytime too. If you love it and the price is right, buy it :)

  10. You know what? Whack on the best bra you can find and get that dress. Get yourself a matching cardy/wrap, just in case you feel self conscious. I understand your concerns but there rules on fashion are blurred these days. As long as it suits you, you should go for it.

  11. I'm gonna go with 101. If you wear it with swag, you can wear anything.

  12. I have a one shouldered dress in my wardrobe which is quite dressy and as I never leave the house (slight exaggeration) I have never worn it!! I love it!! Just need accessories and a reason to wear it.
    Go for it, buy the purple dress!!

  13. I don't think there is an age limit on any style choices including one shouldered dresses. If you love it and it feels good on you, then by all means where whatever the heck you want! Thanks for joining the Stylish Monday link up!