Friday, 22 August 2014

First of the Month Fiction - September

Going a little early as I have a number of posts this week, so thought I'd put some extra time on FOMF.

Put your short story (of less than 30 words, or 100 words exactly) in the comments, then link your blog so we can see your unrestricted craft. (Examples here).

Mine is of the 30 words and HAPPY for a change...

The months of needles and heartbreak faded from her mind as she saw the second blue line appear. Her dream was finally here.

Linking up with some Grace for FYBF


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  2. Oh I love this! Mine is a lot darker, but you knew it would be, didn't you? Kx

    In the tunnels beneath Spencer Street, Avery trades her love for a full syringe. It is love she gives out to forget about her pain, love that grazes her back and bruises her groin. At home she cuts her arms and legs, making bloody tattoos from her limbs. The reopening of healing scars releases the pain as much as cause it. When she cuts open the wounds, they bleed and heal. She watches herself in the mirror. Abuse in stereo. It makes her smile until the throbbing of her groin reminds her of the pain she can’t see as reflections.

  3. Yes, it's here. That's fantastic. So much in such a small limit. Your book will be amazing...

  4. Oooh I so should have a go at this! But I don't do concise very well! Here goes...

    It had been fun while it lasted, but as he turned to walk away, she knew this was the last time they'd meet. She smiled. She was okay with that.

  5. Nice work!! Added your blog to the linky too...

  6. Oh you scared me for a minute. I thought it was the 1st of September and I'd somehow gotten the days mixed up. I'm not so great at writing fiction. I degenerate into cliches and adverbs, but you never know, I could give this a go. It's a great idea.

  7. Even though it's not quite the first of the month, it scares the hell out of me that it is only next week!

  8. I am adding this story on behalf of a friend, while we try to link her Tumblr blog (any clues, anyone?), By the very talented Pirate Queen from Pirate Queens World:
    They returned him to the empty space. Wheeled him in, slotted him in, plugged him in. Then left him with her. His eyes were shut. His breathing shallow. His skin an indescribable colour that she had never seen before on someone that was alive. Her nausea was overwhelming. Surely he should be somewhere safer. Somewhere quieter. Somewhere where he might pass through the world less exposed. She stared at him. Nothing moved. She didn’t move. Her mind discovered pathways she never knew she had. She had nothing. The loneliness took on the nausea and then the desperation annihilated it all.