Tuesday 5 August 2014

The good, not the bad nor the ugly

I've been getting more upset by certain moves in the current regime of late, and I realise it must make this blog a rather angry and depressing place to visit. So today, I'm turning the tables - tell me something good that the Government is implementing, either in your life or for someone else.

Make me realise the error of my ways!

I am being serious, so as always, I will delete any offensive comments aimed at myself, other commenters or members of either the Liberal or Labor party.

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  1. When I think of something I'll be back - right now I have nothing !!!

  2. I'm told here in Australia we have a better health care system and our Centrelink system is also better than in many other countries. I'm not in any way a political follower - it doesn't interest me, so I don't have anything more positive to provide. Wishing you well ♥

  3. oh you made me laugh! I love that you turned this post into something worthy of #thankfulthursday. This is what I think Thankful Thursday is about. The world is not all rainbows and unicorns, but we can chose to see them.
    Our government, over the years, has been very supportive of my family. We earned lots of money of Kevin Rudd. We could not provide the therapy needs for our children with out FaHCIA funding. We would not be able to live our lifestyle with two parents at home and studying without the benefits our government provides. We got a baby bonus with every child, and it increased in value with each child too. This current one may not be the best, but still, we are ok and we are taking small constant steps to improving our situation. I am thankful that our government continues to offer chances and provide support.

  4. ummmmmmmmmmm

    visiting from Ann's Things I know - or dont know :)

  5. I have absolutely nothing to contribute here. If I had more time I would write a very ranty post about the public school curriculum and how after only 6 months I am rolling my eyes constantly for the poor teachers who have to teach such things as energy drinks are bad for you. Or how our council rates go up $100 a year and we still do not have footpaths on all the roads surrounding the school. I think the only positive thing is that I found some old medical receipts and took them to medicare yesterday and have a little money coming to me.
    Thanks for linking up!!

  6. I do like the way our council gets behind fun runs and walks and healthy lifestyle options I guess. It's hard to think of much else :)

  7. My five year old said 'Abbott should learn to do that everyday and every night' when he heard about the humanitarian aid being sent to Iraq. 'I am happy', he said, until I reminded him that he still doesn't look after the boat people here... almost a good news story for my concerned little guy.

    1. Nice! And glad you mentioned it - as I seem to be focusing on the negative, it's great to hear the other side too, to try and keep balance...

  8. Ummmm…*crickets chirping*
    Sorry, don't mean to bring you down. Something good, something good…um, I guess hearing Abbott on the radio while he was in the Netherlands was hopeful. Him thanking the Dutch government to help the Australian victims of MH17 - that made me feel a little better about our country.