Tuesday 5 August 2014

National offence

I am floored and disgusted that anyone in Government would make light of the tragic murder of the environmental compliance officer, who was ambushed and shot in the back while doing his job. In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than a human life. I hope that what I have read was taken out of context, and while it appears to imply Mr Joyce is saying the land clearing laws caused the incident, that there was another part of the statement not quoted.

If we condone this murder, 'pushed to it by bad laws', is Mr Joyce implying we should grab our guns and target the unpopular policy makers whenever we don't like the law? I don't think so. Is he just using somebody's death to parade around a political argument? Yes, from the articles I've read, it appears he is, and that is offensive, not just to the widow and the children who lost their father, but to all of us, showing disrespect for the people of Australia in general.

Perhaps it is time that our politicians take some sensitivity and media training, as apparently certain members of the Government are in dire need of it. If it had been a police officer or judge doing his job, would Mr Joyce be arguing the murderer was driven to it, that our drug manufacturing laws are too tough or that our embezzlement laws to strict? Or is it just okay for environmental compliance officers to be murdered while enforcing the law? Imagine if your husband never returned from work, and your children would never see their father again and to add to your grief, you had to read the subtext that it was his fault for enforcing the law.

Murder is NEVER the answer. Going outside the legal system is NEVER the right way to resolve anything.

If you are being adversely affected by something or someone, seek help. Seek legal advice. If you are losing control, seek help IMMEDIATELY. NEVER take matters into your own hands.

If you are in Government, don't use murder and somebody's death as a political point scoring exercise in the media. Keep your mouth shut if you have no empathy.

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  1. I totally agree with you Lydia !! Well said.
    Me xox