Sunday 31 July 2016

I didn't pay to listen to you!

Last week we went to see the extremely cool Leon Bridges, as I discussed awhile back. He was fabulous, however the woman in front of me decided she was entitled to talk loudly throughout the concert. She was oblivious to the glares from the people along side her, and the loud 'shhhh's hissed at her from the people in front of her. Finally the guy next to me leaned over my legs and said something angrily. He then apologised to me, insisting it had to be done. I smiled in agreement.

And still she talked on.

The woman she'd been talking to had taken it on board so the self-absorbed narcissist turned to the guy on the other side of her and started chatting to him. Later she returned to the woman and their conversation continued.

Finally I leaned forward and asked them politely to take their chat outside because they were ruining it for everyone. At this, she seemed affronted! I did not scream "WILL YOU SHUT THE F%&$ UP!" which was what I wanted to do, and frankly was entitled to do to someone with such a blatant disregard for other people.

After that, she did occasionally shut her big mouth, but never for very long. She did ruin the concert for me and a number of other people.

Why did she even go? When I went to Nelly, there was a bunch of drunken buffoons throwing popcorn and swearing (and I suspect trying to shock me, the out of place old lady). Even they stopped talking when the performers came on. They listened to the music. This woman wasn't drunk. She was selfish, inconsiderate and rude.

When you buy a ticket to something, as Nick Offerman pointed out at his show, you enter into a social contract with the performer and all the other people in the audience. (This woman's friend was a barrister, so maybe he can explain it to her. How do I know this? An indication of how loudly she was blathering on.) You are there to share an experience. You should be mindful of how your behaviour impacts on the experience of others. Put away your phone and experience what's happening on stage. Stop idle conversations. Listen to the music. Mainly, don't be a total dick. Or reimburse the ticket price to all the people sitting around you if you really can't keep your mouth shut.

I never thought I'd say this, but give me the drunken, popcorn throwing morons anyday!!

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  1. We had something similar at the theatre. Two women just wouldn't shut up. If they weren't chatting they were munching really loudly.

  2. Oh that IS the worst. I use my teacher look if possible. It doesnt always work of course but makes me feel better. So rude!

  3. Wow, that is rude. I think I would have had a chat with the ushers; it's their job to make sure everybody can enjoy the show, and warn or even remove those who won't cooperate!

  4. How decidedly rude! I remember being put off once by people making out in front of me at the cinema. At least they weren't loud, they were just extremely frisky - I did want to tell them to get a room though as it really was very distracting and uncomfortable!

  5. That sucks , Lydia. Sorry she spoiled it for you. I don't understand why people waste their money if they're going to behave like that.

  6. How annoying!

    I'd do what Janet suggested and talk to the ushers and ask them to deal with it on your behalf.

  7. Well done for not giving her the old "STFU!" I don't know if I could have resisted. How are people so ignorant of their surroundings? If you want to chat, put the CD on and listen to it at home. Same at the movies - if you can't keep your mouth shut (both talking and chewing), wait for the DVD.

  8. How rude! It is so annoying when that happens. People can be such jerks.

  9. Some people are hideously inconsiderate. Next time, consider calling security!

  10. I had a similar exeorience in London. We had a date day and were at Les Mis for my birthday whilst our son had a Granny day.

    The woman next to me sniffed and sobbed theatrically and mainly sniffed (which is something that makes me vomitous). People from rows around were giving her death stares.

    Finally I tapped her and offered her a tissue with a smile. She snapped back at me "I'm CRYING. I don't have a COLD".

    I had had enough by now so I said sotto voce "but you're still sniffing and it's revolting!"

    At half time she ostentatiously swapped seats. Winning!

    This was 6 years ago and I haven't been able to expunge it from my memory!

  11. I bet if you kicked her seat while she was talking, she would have cracked it, oblivious to the fact at how annoying and rude SHE was being. Why, indeed, was she there in the first place? Not to listen the music obviously.

  12. Oh this kills me! We asked to move seats at The Lion King as the mother behind us fed her chatty children the whooooooooooole time. What were they eating? Crunchy two minute noodles straight from the packet. They also played on their ipads through the whole show. Thank GOD we got moved at interval. This is another reason I hate taking trains.

  13. How rude - sorry to hear your concern was ruined.