Tuesday 19 July 2016

Lush Life

Those of you who hang on my every word on Twitter already know this story (What? What do you mean you don't?). When I am feeling flush, or deserving of a treat, or just actually in town and walking past, I go to Lush and get the Cynthia Stout shampoo. I was on the way to the eye doctor and had time to duck into the QVB store. I couldn't find it on the shelves so asked the poor hapless assistant where it was.

She informed me that the UK had decided they would no longer make it. I went into shock. I demanded why they hadn't told me the last time I purchased some, as I would have got a bigger bottle, or two bottles or more! (Some people like to use the word 'shock' as an excuse for being a nut. I am one of those people.)

"I live my day as if it was the last
Live my day as if there was no past"

As I strode onto the eye dr, I furiously tweeted Lush in the UK. I asked why would they get rid of their best product (my favourite anything is always the best - it's a fact), and I let them know they'd ruined my day. The tweeted back immediately that perhaps I should contact the Australian company. They left off 'you crazy fool' but I acknowledge they might have been entitled to throw that in for good measure.

"It was a crush
But I couldn't, couldn't get enough"

The wonderful people on the Australian twitter, were quick to offer to see what they could find. I would have merrily purchased every bottle left in the country! Fortunately for my wallet, there was only ONE bottle left. They offered to send it to me. As a gift. Even better. (Big thank you!!)

So yesterday, I went to the post office to pick up the precious last of the Cynthia Stout shampoo, delighted to discover they'd kindly added samples for me to try and find an adequate replacement...which I know I'll have to settle, and let's face it, life is too short to settle.

I'm hoping as I work my way through the samples I find a new favourite to console myself with.

"Now I've found another crush (hopefully)
The lush life's given me a rush"
Have you ever had your favourite product discontinued?

(PS Not sponsored but SUPER impressed that the very good people at Lush went to all that effort to make my day! Now I just have to decide before each outing, is it stout worthy?)

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  1. Yes - the Vanilla perfume at The Body Shop - I was all sorts of sad when I went to buy a bottle and they told me they had stopped stocking it - all the sads :(
    I'm glad you got such good service from them - always good to hear !!

    1. I like Vanilla too - I'll see what I can track down for you...

  2. You can smell Lush coming from a mile off. It's a very exciting smell for those of us who love Luscious things :) I don't often buy stuff from Lush if the truth be known. I guess it's a luxury I just don't give myself. But I do get gifts there. And sometimes I just walk in to soak up the scent ...

  3. What a sweet ending to your tale!
    I adore Lush products. So glad they helped you out.
    It sends me raging when my most popular buys are discontinued or modified to something inferior too.

  4. A Nivea moisturiser I used to use was discontinued and replaced with another that I didn't like :(
    Also, my favourite perfume, Miss Balmain, was discontinued. I can't find it anywhere..

  5. Wow, it must be good. I'm afraid I don't care enough about hair/make-up etc to crush on anything, although I reckon hormones (hello peri-menopause) are kicking in and my hair is feeling lank lately. So I may have to investigate further.

  6. I hate when favourite products are discontinued. It sucks! It was nice of them to send you the last bottle:-)

  7. Oh I hate that when that happens. On the other hand, I love Lush. Let's face it, everything they make is totally awesome, so I'm sure you'll love the new product as much as your tried and tested old one. In the meantime, long may that bottle last...

  8. It's not the same, but the year before last, and the one before that, I'd bought this free range turkey roast, stuffed with macadamias and cranberries, from Aldi. It was amazing for Christmas lunch. When I went last year, I was told they should have it next week. I fronted up the next week to be told they didn't have it any more. I could have cried!

  9. oh the fear of something I love being discontinued!! EEEKKKKKKK! What a disaster.

  10. Oh I hate it when any of my favourites is discontinued! It happened to me with a lipstick recently.

    If you are interested I host a Monday linky for beauty related posts. You are most welcome to link up this post there if you are interested.


    1. I'm so glad you joined the linky this week! Hopefully we'll see you here again another time :)

  11. How sweet of Lush to send you the last bottle! I've had the discontinued thing happen before with 2 rosewater mists I loved, albeit years apart. I'm still silently cursing both companies for it.

    (Oh & thanks for making me get that song into my head! It's all good though, I like it.)

  12. Oh why must companies discontinue or not stock their best* stuff?

    Cadbury "Wobbly Bar"
    Original Garnier gel moisturiser
    Garnier spot pen
    Lilydale marinated split chicken^
    Barbecue flavoured Delites rice crackers^
    Old El Paso Mexican Rice kit

    * subjective
    ^ my local Coles but available elsewhere

  13. That really is lovely what Lush did! So many brands would so not care. Mac discontinued a lipstick that I really loved. And running shoes! They always discontinue the perfect shoe! Argh!

  14. That is so cool that Lush sent the last bottle to you! I kinda wish there was more now as I would have loved to try it but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the other potential replacements they sent you to try :) x

  15. That's such good customer service on their part. We need more companies to go above and beyond. I've usually moved onto something new before anything is discontinued - beauty blogger problems.

  16. great haul! Lush always manage to come through with great customer service :)

    Lily not Louise

  17. The early tweet gets the worm? or something. I realise now, I was in the vicinity of one of the only Lush stores in South Australia a couple of weeks ago and DIDN'T go in! I need a little black book of must do things, not to forget to do!