Sunday 21 May 2017

Lazy Sunday Lunch

I ducked out to the Market Tales at St Peters in the funky Precinct 75 on Saturday, and the next day dragged the family back for lunch. If you missed it this year, make sure you get there when next it returns.

Plenty of tasty treats, take home food for dinner, and fabulous homeware.

Lunch from Mr Bao was delicious.

I was amazed at how they got the honey in!

I'm keen to get to the Yoga in the Vines at the Urban Winery, just need to rally up a posse....

As the sun shone down, I was truly loving life.


Bigge at Buttercream Bakery

I loved this tiara but alas out of my price range (see JY Jewels) 

For more info, see

What did you get up to on the weekend?

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  1. Great shots. Everything is so yummy!

  2. What a fun time and love the bags with the delightful 'up beat' saying on them and wow the food ~ thanks,

    Happy Weekend ahead ~ ^_^

  3. Too much temptation with all that yummy food.

  4. Those quiche/pies would be my pick for a nice meal. Hmm ... they look pretty big so I guess I should share :)

  5. Hey sign me up for yoga in the vines! They just have a new craze here in Bangkok called Beer Yoga where the bottle of beer is open and you are allowed to drink as you go! Do the same rules apply in the vines?!!!!
    Wren x

  6. Im loving those jute bags and those cupcakes looks yummy!

  7. All of that food looks yummy and that tiara is beautiful.

  8. Those donuts look yummy! :)

    With Love,

  9. You've made me hungry already! It is intriguing how they managed to get the honey in? You've got me wondering this too now!


  10. Gah, so much delicious food. But Mr Bao's looks great!

  11. Oh my gosh my tummy is rumbling. What a post to read coming up to lunch time! lol The food looks delicious!! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  12. It all looks fabulous - especially the bao. InnEumundi they do beer yoga - I'm thinking that could be worth a go! #teamlovinlife

  13. Love your pics... especially those cupcakes!! :) #TeamLovinLife

  14. That tiara is gorgeous!