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Thursday, 14 November 2019

Christmas, Who gives a crap? #XmasLinky

Long time readers will know I'm a fan of the Christmas edition of the environmentally friendly and charitable Who Gives a Crap?.  Their impact statement is here but in short, 50% of the profits goes to building toilets, to charities that help source water and hygiene and the production is treeless and low water and energy consumption. This year, I learnt the importance of toilets, or at least concrete floors and contamination avoidance in this really interesting podcast of Sydney University's Raising the Bar talk on The value of human waste by Jacqueline Thomas (I've linked the itunes version here but you can also listen on Soundcloud or Podbean or other platforms - free and fabulous).

You can even gift individually. Perfect for someone who has the sh*ts 
I ordered my annual Christmas supply - wrapped perfectly for joke gifts, or to display in the bathroom at parties (for handy use), or to save on gift wrap but wrapping all Xmas presents in the toilet paper wrap...(Note there are also gift cards if you want to give as a gift).

Note they also do paper towel and tissues. This is one of my favourite new (and kooky) Christmas traditions. I was genuinely excited when the festive box turned up....(file that away in the strange but true category). Orders can be placed here.

 What's your strangest Christmas tradition?

For the next 5 weeks, every Friday I will host a Christmas link up. Add your Xmas themed posts here for #XmasLinky   (old or new - but non xmas posts will be deleted).

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  1. Lydia,

    The strangest Christmas tradition my family had was seeing which person could greet you with the phrase 'Christmas Gift' and if you weren't the first to do it then they'd put you under the dinner table. I have no clue how that started but I do remember reading about it in recent years. The factoids escape my mind at the moment and I know somewhere on my blog I mention this but can't find it now. *smack forehead* Thanks for hosting the fun! ;)

    1. That's HILARIOUS!!! I'm going to have to google this...