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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Mother's Day ideas for those who can't see their Mother.

Mother's Day is usually a big lunch for my Mother (and my husband celebrates with his Mother for lunch with all the extended family). However, this year is cancelled.

Both our Mothers are high risk (and my daughter works in a fast food chain so I feel we are high risk carriers) so we can't see them.

I've been looking for gift ideas to make up for the lack of visits and celebration. Feel free to add other ideas in the comments.

I love this idea, but unfortunately they both live out of the delivery area. The Tea Cosy in The Rocks is delivering high teas. See here for details.

The fabulous people at Two Good Co. have two Mother's Day hampers, that include the new essential, hand sanitiser (made in conjunction with Young Henry's, so you're keeping those guys employed too) as well as luxury items. Part of the proceeds go to their commitment to the South Coast Bush fire  affected shelters. Note also they're doing takeaway (and these meals provide meals to domestic violence shelters as usual, and employ vulnerable women to make the celebrity chef meals. I think this month was designed by Kylie Kwong).

Gift a meal. Pick their favourite restaurant and get an order delivered. Keep those guys in business.
Get some cocktails delivered from their local restaurant, fine diner or bar.
Long Chim (and note the meal packs)
Kid Kyoto
Mr Wong
Six Penny
These restaurants are all doing takeaway (though some require pick up, so you might need to deliver yourself or make arrangements to keep your Mum at home!)

Kakadu Plum has a Mother's Day hamper that gives back to the Indigenous Bush Food Project.

Gift theatre tickets. Redline Theatre has a great live reading coming up and the proceeds will support the theatre community in both  NSW and Chicago.

A number of fabulous markets are now online. See Finders Keepers, The Rocks Markets and Kirribilli Markets to support small local stall holders.

If your Mum is Marie Kondo-ing through the lockdown, give her a clothes recycling pickup with Manrags. For $25 you can fill a box to 10 kilos of shoes and  clean clothes (not underwear) for recycling or if damaged, the materials are recycled. Or look at their great range of socks for women!

I'm still working out what to give to the mothers in my life to make them feel special on this Mother's day that is bound to feel like a disappointment.

What are you doing?

Linking with #LovingLifeLinky because even though I can't celebrate properly, I refuse to let it be a fail!


  1. This will be our first mother's day without Grant's mum so should be weird. Being 1000 kms away I don't get to see mine usually, but I have no idea at this point what to send her - so thanks for the ideas.

  2. We plan to have a phone chat and a family virtual meeting so my mom can see her children and grandchildren. #lovin'lifelinky

  3. I'm getting myself some home delivered scones with jam and cream and having the same sent to my sister in law!

    SSG xxx

  4. What great ideas... love the idea of having something special delivered. My bro and SIL are actually coming from Brisbane this weekend to see my mum and we've worked out something to give her.

    I've been seeing her weekly since the shutdown started. Of course for me she fits within the 'family' and essential services thing so initially I did some shopping for her. Then she's since been out herself a couple of times. I realise there is of course some risk but at this stage we've only had single digit instances of the virus (within our 100,000 population).

    I've not been staying the night though and weirdly we've not allowed ourselves to hug, though we have been within 1.5m as I've had to help with computer stuff over her shoulder etc...

    I suspect I'll overnight there and cook for her Mother's Day.