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Friday, 10 April 2020

Everything old is new again.

I talked about the healing power of music here and here, so it was little surprise to me that this UK study found music takes 13 minutes to release sadness or 9 minutes to make you happy. In this lock down life I'm exercising online but with my own dance track in the background, and it starts my day in the best possible way. It shakes off any low mood and makes me feel great.

So I recommend, and again this is just for mood maintenance not depression (always see your doctor if low moods hang around for more than a day or two, now is not the time to 'soldier on'), blasting your favourite tunes as you cook or do the housework, or during exercise or anything more than 9 minutes...

To get you in the mood, I am going to play a game with you all called #SundayCovers. I love the song The Sun is Shining Down by JJ Grey and Mofro. It is however, a little down for me at the moment. I was delighted when my Spotify alerted me to the fact that Lost Frequencies had done a cover (mix?) of it. Much more dancable and yet still the same pretty song.

Every Sunday, you can add a post to the link of a cover of a song you like (and a link somewhere in your post to the original so those of us with time and inclination can compare). Let's find 9 mins of new music for those happy soundtracks.

Please only link posts about covers of songs. I will delete other posts linked. Cheers

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  1. Thank you for sharing this song! I love it!

  2. This is fun! Visiting you from the good random fun link up.

  3. Music can be very healing. I love the photo that you posted!