Sunday 17 May 2020

Covid in pictures - Share My Snaps!

I was picking up my daughter from work in Bondi, and as I waited, I noticed the Lush store was closed, and had obviously been so for awhile. This filled me with sadness, as it was an image of what the world had become.

 Then I began to notice the world had completely changed visually, as we took on new practices.

The foot paths and shop floors are now strewn with masking tape or paint, telling us where to stand.

And we queue. For everything.

And yet....
 The normally bustling venues are empty. Completely empty.
 There's something a little disconcerting about the emptiness that I still haven't quite got used to. I suspect that's a mourning of what we've lost, or on behalf of those businesses.

The forlorn abandoned playgrounds and parks.

Now one of the most familliar sights is discarded masks. In the streets, in the bins, all over the place.

As we ease out of lockdown, I hope to document some cheerier signs of the time. Like this school on my dog walk that put up balloons to celebrate kids returning, and make it seem less daunting for those with anxiety about it.

May we all cheerfully celebrate what becomes our 'new normal' over the next few weeks.

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  1. It will be interesting to see the before and after re-opening photos of the same places at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc.

  2. Lydia, I agree. I have found it so sad and bleak looking around at how our city has been stripped of its people. I won't complain as bitterly the next time I have to board a crowded train.

    SSG xxx

  3. Yes, I'm seeing the crosses marked on the ground everywhere too. At least the school made an effort with the balloons :)

  4. Our playgrounds opened this weekend. I actually didn't go out at all but I wonder how busy they were. Friends tell me cafes and restaurants here were very strict about the 10 people rule, which is good.

    I find all of the crosses and line-markings really surreal. I wandered through a shopping centre the other day and there are now signs telling you which side to walk and how far apart to be, not to mention the line markings for those queuing.

  5. I've noticed heaps more people around since restrictions have been eased. I love that the school put the balloons out, what a lovely touch!

  6. Definitely finding the emptiness sad - especially cafes, restaurants, live venues. But the streets are busier than usual - and I haven't been a fan of that as someone who walks :P

  7. So sad. I've always loved human contact, and never realized how much I took it for granted. This sucks.
    Thanks for linking up at

    1. I think we've all had a few lessons in taking things for granted.

  8. Yes, our lives have changed, but I hope that this bad spook will be a thing of the past, at the same time next year, at the same time?

  9. I got sad the first time I saw all the closed shops where I used to go for a coffee. Some have re-opened as things gear up again but not all and none of the chain stores where I used to buy clothes: Millers, Rockmans etc and I believe they may not re-open. I just feel for those I used to chat to and see in my local places. COVID has changed so much and we will not return to what was...but something different. As for now, like everyone, I await what will happen when NSW public schools are back next week full time. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week the optional prompt is 21/51 Self-Care Stories. #3. 25.5.2020 But I will take the chance to add another chapter in Telling My Story. Hope to see you there too. Denyse.

  10. Lydia, your photos capture this time in our lives so well. I often despair if our economy will ever get back on track. I noticed when I was out this week that some shops previously closed have started to open. I hope people support Australian retailers when they are able to buy again.

  11. Lovely photos #,anythinggoes@_karendennis

  12. Gosh these pictures speak a thousand words - great way to document this crazy time! #anythinggoes

  13. It really is something to behold, this Covid world of ours! #GlobalBlogging

  14. Really has been sad times. We are reopening slowly in Ohio, but as I go out, there are people again. I haven't ventured very much because of my age and I cringe to think I might get that dreaded virus. Prayers for all that this 'New Normal' (I really don't like they have tagged it that, but alas, guess it is) will be a good normal and maybe even a better normal. However, it is hard for people to change their paradigm sometimes.

  15. Your photos do tell a new story. It's definitely a different world that it was a few short months ago, but I have to hope that shops will be busy again soon and our lives will become much less fearful.

    Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  16. I look forward to seeing those cheery photographs. It just reminds me how important it is to document these historical times that we are living through, it would be such a shame not to capture it. I myself am pretty terrible at times at taking photos so I need to make more of an effort! #globalblogging

  17. I am so frustrated every time I go out. The emptiness of some places, the ignoring of social distancing in others. I too this weekend saw the first litter with discarded face masks, how stupid and selfish. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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