Thursday 22 July 2021

“She chose the rose colored glasses not because she was naïve, but because she knew the power of positive focus.” ― Christina Sutra


No denying I'm working hard on polishing off the rose-coloured glasses this lockdown. However, there is beauty out my window some days, and fun and laughter to be had, so I guess that is something to be thankful for.

Make the most of your weekend, especially if you're lucky enough not to be in lockdown.

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  1. We are lucky enough not to be in lockdown here but I feel for you all there, it just goes on and on.

  2. So very beautiful. Lovely. I am hoping that we don't go on lockdown again.

  3. The cityscape is a beautiful composition. Love all the colorful skies.

  4. Even though we are fully vaccinated this new delta variant is worrisome.

  5. Hang on in there, Lydia, it can't last forever and each day we all try to discover a little piece of beauty and freedom to keep us going.

  6. PS: Thank you for hosting, Lydia.

  7. Fantastic sunset images, the colours are beautiful, my first time visiting your blog and look forward to catching up on your posts

  8. We aren't in lock-down right now, but I think we're heading that way. I hope now. It's been so very long.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  9. Love the sunset images. BEAUTIFUL!

    Our covid-19 numbers are surging despite the ramped-up vaccinations.

    Will this nightmare ever end?

  10. Amazing photographs.

    We've just been given our Freedom Day, though it doesn't feel a lot different!