Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Share Four Somethings - May

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I missed this last month because I forgot, so now I'm going early...

Something Loved:  It's Comedy festival time. I love that I can walk to both hubs and pop up for a 9.30 show without it impacting on dinner with the kids. Comedians are so clever and a really great gauge of what's going on in the broader community. I haven't been regularly since Giant Dwarf closed, so it was great to have 2 shows a week for the last few weeks.

Something Gleaned: Now this bit is a bit x-rated (not really x-rated but it might be considered too rude for some so just skip it if you think that might include you - it's about pubic hair, but more of a historical Margaret Mead tidbit, That said, just jump to the next section, it's not important). I love Dr Jen Gunter after reading the Menopause Manifesto so I was delighted to discover she has a podcast series and am slowly working my way through those on spotify. In one of her appearances on iWeigh with Jameela Jamil, she mentioned two historic facts about the fashion of pubic hair removal which I found fascinating.

1. In the 1400s (or middle ages -date fact not important) they used to shave off pubic hair to get rid of lice BUT then they realised you could see the Syphilis so they created the merkin to cover it up...(merkin being a pubic wig)
2. The current fashion of removing pubic hair is not from some weird almost pedophile inclination origin that became mainstream fashion as I thought, BUT in America, the definition of nudity was about seeing pubic hair so in the 80's in the strip clubs. they started removing more and more hair so that they could legally show more skin and were still not 'legally' in breach of the public nudity laws...,

Obviously, I have no appropriate picture for the above so here's my #WeekendReflection

Something Braved (or Saved):  Or should I say, to be saved. Australian Forests. Australia is one of the worst offenders for deforestation. We deforest at the rate of third world countries and of the worst offenders of those, we are near the top of the list. We lead the world in mammal extinction. There are more of the unimpressive facts here. Our weather problems are only going to get worse if we don't start finding less environmentally damaging ways to do things. Find your way to take action, and demand your government does better. You can donate or petition. We already know that by 2030 half the houses in the country will be uninsurable and are already seeing the rising food costs due to climate disaster. We need to start joining the dots as to the cause. Someone posted a quote once about 'you don't keep wondering about the dead bodies that float past in the river, you eventually have to go upstream to see why they fall in there in the first place" We are running out of time to take effective action. It's time to go upstream! (Has anyone noticed we are beginning to frequently be near the top of the lists you don't even want to be on, and sinking to the bottom of lists you want to be at the top of? When did we start getting it so wrong as a country?)

Something Achieved: I have managed to get all my family to be available to see my MIL for her birthday - as long as no one has to isolate in the next two days....because my 100 year old Nonna is also in attendance so we have to be super careful! This has become increasingly difficult with two adult children and even Mother's Day for me was over 2 days to see them all....

(As it's getting colder, the Thylacine coat I got at Salamanca Market is the latest fashion to hit the streets. You can also get them online here. And yes, I'm trying to up my PG rating in case people didn't like my medical/history fact)

Hope you all have a great month, and I'm adding my own category:

Something Shared:

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Not sure if you accept my baby Thylacine as 'something with stripes'  (her coat is meant to make her look like a Tasmanian Tiger)


  1. I read your comment from top to bottom. Environmental issues have always been on the top of my list. Weekend reflection is top notch.

    1. Hopefully not too rude. My husband thinks they are. I think they're historical and medical....and really interesting.

  2. So good that you are finding a safe way to gather!

  3. My favorite is the reflection shot.

  4. I must say this is the most informative "Four Somethings" I have ever read.

    I hope your celebration went well. 🎂

    1. I'm trying to find your Foursomethings to comment on - please post in the comments here so I can find it. Otherwise sorry for ignoring you.

  5. I definitely learned something. Hope the comedy shows are enjoyable!

  6. I really enjoyed Dr. Gunter's Menopause Manifesto as well. I think it is a must read for women.

  7. I'm surprised by this, "Australia is one of the worst offenders for deforestation. We deforest at the rate of third world countries and of the worst offenders of those, we are near the top of the list." I'll be honest, I really only know about Australia through the Irwin family and their family zoo. I hope the family get together was wonderful!

  8. I appreciate the warning, LOL. I found the takeaways very interesting.