Friday, 10 June 2022

Enjoy the ride to the cemetery

The title for this post is stolen from this blogger but I feel it sums up quite simply the meaning of life. Or at least one of life's goals.

GRATITUDE: I have been loving getting out to the Biennale each week and VIVID every few nights and the concerts and plays that have been in my diary. We went to Rave Machine and it was so fun - I woke the next morning pumped up and full of happy, high energy so I'm madly booking in more dance nights with friends. I am grateful we are getting some of our old life back after two years of life canceled. 

LOVE: I love where we live. I saw it so often. This week we have a big dinner welcoming some American friends but I'm hoping I can still run up the road after and catch Xavier Rudd at the Enmore - fingers crossed the timing works. I love that that is an option. I love that I can have dinner with the kids then duck out to see a section of VIVID for 90 mins total out of the house. I love that I can zip off to an art show opening for an hour because the gallery is at nearby shops.  Ultimately, I'm perplexed anyone can want to move away. But we're all different so I celebrate their new happiness for them...but not for me!!

HEALTH: Ugh. Menopause is really messing with me. As is old age. And high cholesterol - so on a low cholesterol diet (Marley Spoon is giving me some variation ideas and I'm shifting some weight effortlessly but man, I miss cheese.

CONNECTION: Trying to find things the kids want to do with us. It gets really hard with the teens. School holidays used to be so fun. 

APPRECIATION:  How hard it's been for the people in the Arts and Hospitality. It really is a case of use it or lose it so get out and spend some bucks when you can - enjoy a show, a pub dinner, a restaurant. Whatever you can afford. A few fave restaurants have gone for good and it makes me sad, for them and for me.

CARE: Trying to keep everything in balance. Work, family, me. It's a focus, to say the least! Wearing masks and sanitising, and testing pretty regularly. Don't want to catch the spicy cough (because I'll have to miss out on things) and definitely don't want to pass it on!

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Why did the Bin Chicken cross the road? 

(Seriously, this amused me no end yesterday....I might have lost my mind in lockdown).

As an aside, at Rave Machine he played this song. I used to love it SO MUCH and had totally forgotten about it. Ready for an eaworm? You're welcome!
Linking with #LifeStories for the very last time!!  I have been linking up with Denyse, either at the same linkys or on ones she hosted for the last decade. It will be strange not to have a corner of the internet to head to on a Monday. Good luck, Thank you and I'll see you around! As an aside, the rainbow words came from Denyse and I liked them so much they became a regular gratitude post for me.


  1. Lovely to read and view! Oh gosh how I remember your feelings and frustrations during covid...and NOW you are so able to be out and about you are not missing a thing. Feeling where we belong is something of interest to me always. Take care, Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

  2. You have found the perfect place for you to live. Yes, we are all different about our preferred surroundings. For us, after retiring, we departed the city and have lived in three homes with a view-- of the mountains in New Mexico, the lake in Florida, and now the beautiful hills and distant cityscape in Connecticut.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying your area and able to be out and about! Finding and enjoying one's sense of place is such an important foundational tool in navigating the world around us. Looks like your area is a feats for the senses, so wonderful!

  4. Hi Lydia - all those colours! I just loved the photos and the light shows. One thing city living has to recommend it is access to all the latest shows and entertainment. Glad you're staying cough-free and making the most of being out and about again.

  5. Is it weird that the thing that jumped out at me the most about this post was that you are trying not to eat cheese? I'm not sure how i would do with that #dreamteam

    1. It is the worst. And no coconut cream so all the good curries are gone too. Dull, dull, dull!

  6. I love all the bright colors and lights that you get to see!

  7. Love the title of this post, definitely words to live by. I'm vegan and cheese is something I really miss as the vegan ones just don't compare. Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam

  8. I was looking for an answer to the bin chicken riddle and there was nothing!!!! I've been following your pics online so continue to love that you're motivated to get out and about so much. I've not engaged much with blogs over the past month or two but thankfully social media's kept me in the loop. And VIVID's looked amazing!

  9. Great title for your post Lydia! What a great place you live in but as you say, we're all different! What a great record to have linking up to Denyse's Life this Week for over 10 years! It will be funny not having the Monday linkup happening.

  10. I loved reading this again...and thanks so much for your kind words about me and the link up. Not goodbye, just see you again soon. Thank you for kindly linking up your blog post for the “last, last lucky last” link up from Denyse Whelan Blogs.

    Bloggers such as yourself have made my day, week and month many times with your kindness, your care and sharing your stories too.

    I am grateful to have had such an opportunity to create and keep a great community of which you have been a valued member.

    I will still be blogging from time to time and I look forward to continuing connections where we might ‘meet’ again.

    Warm wishes,


  11. I too am dodging the spicy cough - less worried about getting sick and more worried about how it's going to mess with my social calendar! How good was Vivid? I too have high cholestrol - I blame all the lockdown cheese platters! I can't go cold turkey with cheese as I love it to much so am weaning myself off slowly!