Saturday, 18 June 2022

Share Four Somethings - June

This is more PG rated than last month so everyone can breathe easy (or sigh in disappointment).

Something Loved: This month saw the end of VIVID and the Biennale, both of which have added a lot of colour and festivities to my days and nights! I feel there is a lull in the next week or so but I'm sure I'll find something to take its place. Regardless, my INSTA is beautiful and I've loved every minute of what Sydney has been offering us. Not to mention the sunshine! After 6 months of rain, it might be chilly but it still feels fabulous!

Something Gleaned: Some people, who never lost their smell or taste with COVID, have lost their taste for coffee after recovering from the virus. If you know anything about this, let me know. I am most curious to start researching this (and terrified of having this happen to me). Of my poll so far, it appears to be just coffee, not other things, which is weirder still. I do feel it's my mission to get to the bottom of this.

Something Braved or Saved: I braved performing this song for karaoke. I am not a good singer but the theme was America  (in honour of our US friends visiting) and I think of Gospel when I think of American music. What I lack in talent, I make up with gusto. I also don't have to listen to myself so I guess that helps too. Anyway, I love this song because I adore the JJ Grey and Mofro version from a squillion years ago but the Lost Frequencies version hit to coincide with our first 2020 lockdown and I spent a lot of time lifting my spirits with it blasting while I watched the sunset or the world outside my bedroom window. It has a comforting feeling for me, there's an emotional reaction to feeling less isolated from the vast and distant rest of the world. I still sometimes here the song in my head if I stand at the window for a moment.

Something Achieved: I forgot to enter a NYC Midnight competition because I thought I had, only to discover I was not on the list when the tasks were sent out. I was disappointed as I'd also skipped the Furious fiction the week before because I was too busy. However, I was delighted to learn I went through to the second round in a competition I'd entered a few months ago. I ranked higher than 57 other people in the group, so while it wasn't a stellar story, it was good enough. I had 24 hours to write a Sci-Fi story but actually only had 2 hours today to write it and submit it due to a very busy weekend with too many commitments. But submitted and happy so I will celebrate that achievement.

All the photos are from a day on the Harbour, and I tried to take the Opera House from different angles that I didn't usually photograph it from. Our other attempts at boat day this year have all been washed out, so while not swimming weather, it was still pretty fabulous!  



  1. I loved seeing the Sydney Opera House at different angles from the water, Lydia! It is really a magnificent structure. Congratulations about coming in ahead of so many other writers in the competition! I did not hear that fact about covid and coffee! That sounds horrible to me as I love my morning coffee. So far (knock wood) I've avoided getting the big C but I sadly think it i=will be inevitable that everyone will get it someday.

  2. What gorgeous photos! I loved visiting Sydney many many years ago- and Congrats on the writing competition! Thanks for visiting my blog-

  3. Fantastic photos, Lydia.

    Congrats on the writing competition.

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I like the setting sun photo the best. Great shot!

  5. Hi Lydia, I love the concept of sharing 4 somethings and your offerings are all so interesting! I also enjoy the harbour whenever we visit Sydney and will try for Vivid next year, it looks amazing, I've been once but things have changed a lot since then.

  6. Thank you for your weekend coffee share and congrats on your writing achievements.. Great photos of the Sydney Opera House at different angles.

  7. You wrote a short story in 2 hours? I'm in awe. I draft fast, but it takes me *forever* to revise. I have to allow about a month to write and revise a 5000-word story.

  8. I love the pictures of the opera house. Visiting is definitely on my bucket list.

    Visiting from S4S

  9. Your photographs are wonderful!