Thursday, 2 June 2022

Taking Stock - June

 As an almost farewell to #LifeStories, after a good decade, or so it feels like, I thought I better get in a Taking Stock.

  • admiring: Grace Tame. To keep fighting, and never shy away, no matter how terrible the media and some other people treat her is amazing in one so young. I'll admit now I would not be so fearless. And her Foundation is up and running to work on meaningful change in Abuse in Australia. You can read more here or donate.
  • becoming: Increasingly nervous about COVID. I keep going to events where the people I'm with catch it. It is creeping ever closer....
  • delighted : To be going dancing tonight at Rave Machine. The 10 pm start has garnered some criticism from one of my dance mates - sucks to be old - but she's still coming so all good!
  • excited: About nothing at the moment, so I've dropped the ball in life. I usually always have something I'm hyped about. Must rectify immediately.
  • feeling: Like I'm in a life shift. Our core little group from one of the kids primary school days is beginning to fracture. One woman is moving to Queensland (that easing into retirement life) and another has her house for sale. I am seeing what must happen. I have noticed they tend to not go out as much so I've been doing that with other people, so I guess they have been saying the same of me....It's all good news for people but it does make me a little sad. I can see the 'family life' dissolves not just as kids leave home but in other changes your whole life.
  • going: Nowhere. Need to plan something. Waiting on one kids passport. Been forever.
  • questioning: How can Americans stand it? There have been 18 more mass shootings in the States since the school one SIX days ago.

  • loving: The Promise. What a masterful writer. Such exquisite images and ideas in so few words. I am not usually a Booker fan but this book is brilliant. I'm so glad I saw him at the Writers Festival as I would have never read this book otherwise.
  • making: Time to visit VIVID. It's not the best VIVID but I do still love strolling around the city at night.
  • observing: A shift. There are a lot of people a little happier with the new government. Nothing has really change yet so I think it's just people were psychologically worn down and now they feel things will be better. Let's hope so.

  • reading: Under the Banner of Heaven - I've read it before but it's my pick for book club because I want to reread it before I watch the movie that's coming out (with Andrew Garfied).
  • trying: To get back into exercise. All that rain and it seemed to stop. Now I'm just not getting round to it....that needs to change.
  • viewing: I'm enjoying the new season of Hacks and I'm liking Station Eleven. Gaslit is good too but husband doesn't like it so I'm only watching when he's out.

    Welcoming: Friends from the US. We haven't actually met them, they are friends of friends in my husband's online running group from when he ran the NY Marathon. We are in this online group that chats all the time so it feels like we do know them now. So expect tourist shots galore on my Insta in a few weeks.

  • Congratulating: The Finnish Ice Hockey Team - I've loved watching the celebrations in Finland. Really made me smile.

  • Listening: It's an oldie but a goodie!

  • Lucky: To have got a ballot ticket to a show at Pheonix Gallery at Central Park. I've been so curious to see in there for a few years now.
  • Farewelling: Denyse, who is the last of the longtime bloggers in my circle. Or the last to host a regular link up that built community. She and #LifeStories will be missed!
Thinking: Happiness is a negroni under the sails of the Opera House at VIVID. Cheers to you all!

Pieni Lintu - MakroTex challenge because June means VIVID this year!


  1. I snuck in here from Weekend Coffee Share...see you Monday with this post...and yes, its a bit hard to let go of my link up. D x

  2. The art displays look great. I add The Promise to my TBR list. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  3. Hi Lydia - we live a couple of hours out from the city and I've noticed a shift in friendships over the years - many followed their kids up to the city when it was time for uni, or moved up with their jobs. Others drifted off in other directions - the large friendship group has whittled down, but that's okay because I think I've become less social with time. I'd love to see VIVID one day - the photos are always amazing and I'm going to miss Denyse's link party too - it was a great spot for the Aussie bloggers to keep in touch.

  4. What can I say? Your cup is certainly full when compared to mine. I enjoyed your musings which often relate to my more immediate post-retirement psyche. Gradually, in the 29 years since then, all our friends either died or moved away until we abandoned the one dearest friend and neighbor when we moved from Florida to Connecticut this year. Seems like I am starting all over but now as an octogenarian.

  5. Vivid done right with that negroni! I feel the same about covid, now I'm thinking it's not a case of if I get it but when. You're the second person to speak highly of Hacks so will check it out. We've just binged Dr Death and the undoctored documentary on Stan - mind blowing that this could actually happen but like those mass shootings, only in America.

  6. Hi Lydia - I always enjoy a taking stock post! You pack a lot in even though you've got nothing in particular to get excited about! I'm with you on the need to book a holiday or something to look forward to. My friendship circle have become less social as we all get older too. I guess I'm one of those that no longer enjoy big nights out. I like dinner out at night with friends but that's about it. I prefer my socialising during the daytime now that I'm getting older! Sigh! I will miss Denyse's link up too! Have a great week!

  7. Hi Lydia, a great catch up via Taking Stock, I love these type of posts. Vivid is a wonderful event!

  8. Cool art displays, Lydia.

    Gonna add The Promise to my TBR list.

  9. How lovely to read your kind words. I will always appreciate reading your posts AND getting to know you in fact, there may be more opportunities in the future!! Thank you so much for linking up your blog post for Life’s Stories this week.

    As you probably know, the last link up date here on Denyse Whelan Blogs is Monday 20 June 2022.

    I do hope to see your post there too. Of course, if you cannot link up, I so understand and want to thank you for the support of my blog and the link up over the years.

    Warm wishes, and take care.


    1. oh no, I wouldn't miss it for anything!!!

    2. I hope to lure you back - hehehehe

  10. "Under the Banner of Heaven" is on my to-watch list. I did not know it was a book too.

  11. I hope you find something exciting and somewhere to go soon! It sounds like there are some changes with real and virtual blog friends so sending you best wishes. Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam

  12. Such a variety of things you've got going on! So interesting. And I echo your question of how can Americans stand all the gun violence we have (I'm in the U.S.). It's totally unexplainable. :( But since other countries don't have the problem to the extent we do, you'd think we'd learn from them and follow their example. Yet we don't. Sigh.