Thursday, 28 July 2022

Taking Stock - July

Left the green dot to highlight the weird green reflected light on the bridge.

  A bird feeder. After seeing all these fabulous photos in the linkies of birds feeding at a feeder, I've decided to get one. I doubt I'll get those delicate humming birds but I might get some colourful ones...Mind you, my bee hotel is useless so I might also get nothing. 

Reading: Just started Lessons in Chemistry. Friends raved about it and then someone picked it for bookclub so I was pleased for the chance to read it.'s sort of 'feminist lite' - a bit lecture-y in a romance novel (fluffy but pretending not to be). It's ok. But, may just not be my sort of thing and I'm guessing my bookclub will love it (they always hate my picks) so don't let me put you off. I am only 7 chapters in, so not even a quarter of the way....this opinion may change.

Sipping: Negronis and loving them!

Eating: Truffles - breaking my cholesterol diet at Noi in Petersham.

Thinking: It would be good if we could stop embarrassing ourselves. The carry on over the Manly rainbow jumper and pride round is just mortifying, when you consider it will make the world papers. All I keep thinking of is when Robin Williams made a joke that Australians were just British rednecks and everyone got upset, but seriously, this sort of thing makes it ring true. When will we grow up? We don't even seem to realise how embarrassing our behaviour is anymore. It's really quite mortifying. For the record, just consider how there are no gay footballers (one gay soccer player in the world), but there are a lot of gay retired footballers (or other sports) then that is why they need the rainbow rounds. Not to mention all the scared little kids feeling like the world will hate them if they come out. How nice to have someone stand up for you, saying they will defend you and even welcome you. Shame on us.

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Remembering: 'The old days' Vettel just announced his retirement and it's really hit me. I was never a Vettel fan, so to speak, but I did always like him, even when everyone was booing him (I was a Kimi fan but now in the wilderness waiting for my new driver to come along). I have no idea why it's made me so sad. Maybe ageing is not you changing, but you losing your feeling of connection to everything around you - even in sport? (Someone else mentioned Patrese this week and I had that 'OMG, I forgot about him' moment. There seems to be more of those moments...)

Laughing: at my baby making friends (I just re-read that, I mean my beloved pup, not my baby-making friends....)

Looking: At art this weekend - finally off to Melbourne for the Picasso and Tate exhibitions, and a few more, I suspect. 24 hours with no responsibilities except looking after myself. I can't tell you how much I need this! 

Listening: R3hab and Andy Grammer keep popping up in my Spotify, so it makes sense they should pop up together. This song is lovely, musically and lyrically.  

Less than I should be but hopefully time will free up soon. Am walking to the restaurant tonight to up my steps....

Wishing: COVID will go away - the news just seems to be getting worse on the complications. 1 in 20 now having ongoing health issues from it. 

Wanting: My kid's passport. I am still chasing it 19 weeks after submitting it and 6 weeks after ringing and emailing weekly. They keep promising to  call me or email me or do something but nothing happens. When did our agencies become so hopeless?  Applied for it 22nd March. Been chasing it weekly since 15th June. No one will help.

Buying: Rainbow dumplings from Din Tai Fung....just for the colours and the crab!

Watching: Lazerus Project. I'm really enjoying it - it's very clever. And for silly fun, Only Murders in the Building and Loot - corny but very enjoyable.

Hoping: We get to Japan next year (passports pending!!) for my husband to run the marathon and get the Abbott Star (for running the World Majors).

Wearing: My furry jacket from Uniqlo. I never want to take it off, but I have to wash it so I've just ordered two more in different colours so I really can 'live in it'. On sale for $29.90 so perfect!

Following: Hair budda. I have no idea why. I don't do my hair in any style other than a ponytail, I don't go to a colourist or even a hairdresser very often since lockdown....but this is mesmerising for me. I think it's his accent to be honest. I don't know. (You need to watch the reels). 

Feeling: Excited! I got my ticket to Harbourlife so will be seeing Claptone (and J.Worra) so am stoked!! I'm not entirely sure if half his appeal is that I discovered him in lockdown and so have very cheery, mood boosting associations with his music, or if it's because I performed in a Commedia Dell'arte show at University....(His Masquerade is very much my sort of thing!)

What's going on in your world this month?

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(Note, just had to cancel Melbourne for the second time. 2022 is really destroying me.)


  1. Lydia, it seems I clicked on your link through Cathy's blog and landed up on an old post of yours and commented there. ;-)

    Albeit, lovely to see your bird feeder, among many other things.

    Pray you get that passport soon and your hubby enjoys his marathon and you the beauty of Japan. Are you going to catch the cherry blossoms?


  2. I also followed you on Twitter and Insta. :)

  3. That is a quaint bird feeder. It is a nice addition to your garden even if the birds ignore it. Your mention of the Abbott Star stimulated my internet search that almost made me forget that I was in the middle of this comment. Quite an accomplishment and hope the Tokyo marathon rounds out his star.

  4. I hope you take lots of photos of the exhibitions, cant say I've ever tried truffles though but from what i understand they are quite strong.

  5. Such beautiful shots and aw on that cute puppy.

    I love that birdhouse too.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ♥

  6. You are a busy lady! seems like all activities are on a flexible schedule these days -- it's really hard to plan ahead

  7. I hope you get some pretty birds. Bribe them and they will let you take a picture.

  8. Hi Lydia - love the cute little birdhouse - it will be interesting to see if you get any visitors to it. I figure that it's a great garden decoration regardless of the birds - so win/win. I'm a little envious of those hummingbird pics that pop up on various blogs - we're missing out in Australia!

    1. I know right! That's what brainwashed me into it. I have yet to catch a bird eating from it. I did have one near it so I hope they're working it out

  9. I love the reflection pictures!

  10. "Lessons in Chemistry" has been on my recommendations. Let me know if you get to the end of it.

    1. I thought it was ok. I thought it was a bit off nothing (beach read) dressed up to be more...but all my friends seem to have loved it so assume I'm the odd (wo)man out