Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Share Four Somethings July

Something Loved: I've been having my own mini Splendor without the rain, with three of the sideshows this week. Duke Dumont, Joy Crookes, and on Sunday, Sofi Tukker. It's been fun to get out with different people for a night out with music and dancing. Why this feels different from just going to three concerts, I don't know. It's like I'm not missing out or getting something extra. Which I guess just means I'm bringing something to the perception and experience. Philip Pullman said “You won't understand anything about imagination until you realise that it's not about making things up, it's about perception.” I'm enjoying this imaginary aspect that's making my week feel more fun.

I've been wanting to see Sofi Tukker for about 6 years or more but every time they come, I have a clash so I am super excited to finally get there, COVID dodging permitting. Fingers crossed. And this is NSFW as there's swearing and nudity - nothing extreme but not at work).

Something Gleaned: My daughter's school is constantly having gold coin donation days for charities. They get to wear mufti if they donate a coin. As I dug out these rare beasts since Covid moved us more to tapping for everything, I discovered Australia has a Donation Dollar for just this purpose. Did people know this? I found it quite hilarious (I did have to check it was a real coin, but it is!) I found out that it was launched in September 2020 on International Charity Day with the idea of being donated every time you get it (it can be spent, of course, but it is meant to remind us to give to others.) Given it took me 2 years to learn any of this, I'm not sure how successful it is. I did do what they wanted and donate it to whatever cause my daughter was supporting that day. The theory is, that if the coin is donated once a month before returning into circulation again, each coin will raise $360 in its lifetime. The Mint's press release is here. The initial run was 4.5 million but they plan to mint one for every single Australian. There is even a website for it here.

Something Braved or Saved: I really enjoyed this and found it very eye-opening and thought-provoking. I adore all the Jon Ronson books, and couldn't believe You've been Publicly Shamed would be considered controversial. That's so bananas. I have also ordered the Dick Gregory book discussed in the series. (Interestingly I found one part of that Ronson book quite motivational!). As an aside, I really hope he's coming for FODI. I had tickets to him back in 2020 but that got canceled with lockdown.

Something Achieved: Today my husband finishes his 7 day ISO and comes home. It's been a long and difficult week, no doubt much longer and mentally & emotionally harder for him. He was lucky not to have it severely but he was sick for 6 or so days. Our first brush with the disease, so thankfully that's over. I'm sure it will return soon, given we have a kid at school and two others with jobs and further study (Uni and TAFE).

What do you want to share this month?

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  1. I've never heard of the Donation Dollar coin, but I find it intriguing, Lydia! What a creative idea to bring awareness to the needs around us. I'm so glad to hear your husband is feeling better, and I hope your family has a healthy school year.

  2. I am glad your husband is feeling better and hope you all are able to stay healthy! Have a great month.

  3. Cool, that coin. Get well soon to your husband. It can have a long aftermath, so be patient.

  4. Oh gosh, I didn't know covid has struck so close to home. Glad husband is home again. I am "waiting" but not hoping for us to get it...seems like this time around, despite precautions it's more likely. Sigh. Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

  5. My husband has been stashing away all the interesting gold coins that we receive in our change (there's a lot of commemoritive ones out there) but I've never seen the donation dollar - I wonder where they're all hiding? Glad your husband's back on deck and hopefully the rest of your family will keep dodging the evil covid bugs.

  6. Those donation dollars are really neat. I enjoy learning little bits about Australia through you. I hope to visit one day!

  7. What a neat concept of the Donation Dollars!