Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Share Four Somethings - August


Something Loved: Lost Frequencies can do no wrong at the moment - I adore the disco inspired Chemical High but his gospel(ish) Sun is Shining or the uberbanger  Where are you know? are still on high rotation. He  doesn't seem capable of a dud if he tried. He is still on the Rise (see what I did there?) Now I just need him to come out here!!

Something Gleaned: I learnt two things this week. Firstly, people use more than one serum in their morning skincare routine. I only just started using serums after I was gifted a facial and the therapist was so horrified at my dry skin that she gave me a pile of free serums to use...now I discover I'm meant to use more than one at a time! Did people know this? 

The other thing I learnt was that Bombay Duck got it's name because the fish was moved on the mail train (Daak) and that got changed to duck in the slang that evolves...Long story as to why I needed to google this but there you go!

Something Braved or Saved: Not listened to it yet as the new Hawthorne crime book by Horowitz is out so I'm savouring that but I've bookmarked this talk with Sisone Msimang  and this panel from the Writers Festival 'What if My Mum Reads This?'

Something Achieved: Been super busy but don't feel like I've achieved anything. Just bouncing in reaction to mini dramas. We have this family tradition of playing putt putt on the kids birthday because my dad was a golfer and it was something they could all do together. My mum would always choose not to play and to keep score. She's been reluctant to go out because of Covid but not only did I manage to get her to agree to go out for lunch, she decided she would play putt putt too. She did not come last and she had a good time. So I feel that was quite an achievement. There were lots of laughs and given she lives alone now, I think it would have been a very therapeutic experience for her. Why do you think she waited for dad to die before she decided to give it a go? (I don't want to ask her as it might make her self conscious but I am very curious)

This is on a very busy street in the inner city. What do you think that's about?? (That's outside a pub...?) The other pictures are a Physio that's gone into an old church.

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  1. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. I'm glad to hear your mum and your family had a good time at the putt putt. Laughter is the best medicine.

  2. Interesting about the horses, but what seems more interesting is the man dressed in the suit on the horse, or does it only appear that heisi sitting on a horse? I was not sure if you said what the panels with the skeleton in the window was? Anyway, thank you for the post. I like the idea of "4 things" and the way they were described. Thanks and blessings, Michele

  3. Hi Lydia - my physio works in an old church too - complete with stained glass windows. It makes for a very pretty environment while I'm doing my hip stretches (and other torture!) Lovely that your mum decided to share the day with you all and had such a good time - hopefully it's the beginning of her getting back to a more social mindset.

  4. I would have not thought of mixing two serums together. It's been so hot and muggy in LA lately, I stop at serum so I don't get too greasy at night.

  5. I'm still trying to figure out a good skincare routine as well.

  6. Have to admit, I never used serums - not that my skin doesn't need it, lol.

  7. Not only do I not use even one serum; I pretty just must wash my face with soap and water and call it a day! LOL.