Thursday 13 October 2022

One good tern deserves another, and another....

On Lord Howe island the Sooty Terns were nesting (I think) and they were completely unphased by approaching humans with camera and mobile phones. It was amazing to get up close or have them hover above us.

These were taken on Ned's Beach, when I went exploring for half an hour on the first day.  

It was the wrong season for snorkelling - even in the wetsuit I was freezing, and it did make me determined not to fall off the paddle board but it was definitely a great time of the season for birds.

  Even if you aren't an avid birdwatcher, a trip to Lord Howe Island will definitely spark an interest in birds at this time of year. I became obsessed with trying to get photos of all the different types - alas there were a few of the brighter coloured birds that I didn't manage to get shots of...

There is a beauty in every season and sometimes it gives you a new focus.


  1. I´ve never seen such birds - As I am from Austria I have to look what´s the name in german. By the way - nice pics.
    All the best

  2. These are nice pictures. It seems like Lord Howe Island is an ideal place to relax and watch birds.

  3. Those terns are very tolerant. The Arctic Terns in Alaska attacked quite violently if a human invaded their space.

  4. Oh a Thursday link I can get in one! I really enjoyed your post today

  5. Hello :=)

    What a fun title to your post :=) You have seen more Terns than I have seen in my lifetime. Wonderful captures of these beautiful birds.
    All the best.

  6. Birds with personality. Like.

  7. Great action shots, Lydia! Thanks for hosting.

  8. The beach never gets boring - there is always something to see!

  9. I did not seen such birds. Amazing images!
    What a special natural 'design' of their wings!
    Thank you for sharing them!
    Happy WW and a fine week!

  10. Lovely action shots, Lydia. And I just love that last shot! Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme.

  11. Great birds, Tern family can be very tolerant of human activity around them

  12. I have never seen terns ,they are stunning. Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.