Thursday, 17 November 2022

It's in the bag. Christmas Traditions.

Long time readers will know I'm a big fan of Share the Dignity's #Itsinthebag Christmas appeal. I write about it each year. So rather than repeat myself, I'll just say that today (until the 27th Nov) you can drop your bags at Bunnings - and so I am off to do that today. I do a bag for women, Teens, Mum's & bubs, Transmen and Nonbinary people. (My theory is, if you menstrate and are experiencing poverty, you get one. It is uncharitable - and I would say unchristian - to judge who is deserving of help. You need it or you don't.I will delete unkind comments so don't bother writing them). I get a great deal of joy finding the items to go into the bags - some little treats as well as the utalitarian itelms at a good price). If you don't have time to get a bag together, feel free to donate money here.

I also do an assisted living present drive. I take 4 teenagers off the list, as I figure most people like to buy for the little kids as their stuff is more 'fun'. This year I got some extra 'stocking stuffers' for little kids as Officeworks had these easals for $15 so it was too good a bargin to miss. These are also being delivered today to the drop off, so I'll get that corner of the lounge room back!

I've begun on my reverse advent calendar - collecting 1 or 2 items each shop to donate once I hit 25. I took them to Addison Road food pantry, and will do so again, because it's helping my local area.

So for me, it's the sign that Christmas is coming. It's the season I'm most charitable (more effort on my part than just sending money).  That, and my pre-ordered Christmas gin arrived! It's expensive but oh, so good! It's my Christmas present to me!

Getting my posse together and our tickets to this gig is the other annual tradition that signifies Christmas is coming for me. 

November is full of Christmas Traditions for me, which I enjoy more than most of the December ones, truth be told! November now has a very strong seasonal flavour, where it used to just be 'begining to feel like Christmas'. 

(And you may've seen my call out on twitter for the NSW Flood charities. The Eugowra situation has been quite devastating to watch, so feel free to add any relelvant aid to those flood affected towns in the comments).

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  1. You certainly have the Christmas spirit. Your reverse Advent is a great plan. So is Share the Dignity. Best wishes!

  2. I love the reverse advent calendar idea! I haven't handed in my bag to bunnings yet but I've put together an itsinthebag donation again this year and it's one of my favourite Christmas traditions too! I try get all my Christmas shopping done before December so I can relax and enjoy December, and I always get excited spending some time thinking about who I'm putting the bag together for and what they may like!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :) We had a birthday party today and have another to go to tomorrow.

  3. Christmas for me feels a wee bit exciting, not as much as it use to be but I think working in retail has dampened it a bit.

  4. Christmas in November - not for me - it is enough when the gift-race starts in December.
    All the best and have a good time

    1. The charity gifts have dates to be handed in so they can check and deliver them before xmas. So no avoiding it!

  5. Wonderful to see that you too give to people who need gifts but have precious few people that give them anything. Christmas is a time for sharing and, yes, showing kindness to strangers who have fallen on hard times is what the Season's spirit is all about, Lydia. But now I'm preaching to the converted!

  6. What a pleasure to be with you in this festive season! Thank you so much for sharing