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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Reindeer Games - #ChristmasLinkUp

Christmas also coincides with our long school holiday and businesses often have a shut down, so for those not going away, Christmas is a good time to play together. Santa can bring some games to ignite that family spark and get kids off the computer.

This game has 4 escape room challenges. Looks great for teenagers.  $59.95 at Big W.

This one I purchased as I thought it would be a good one for train travel (or plane travel) as you could just take the cards and timer. Educational too. I even got one for a friend who is taking the kids to Europe as I thought it would be exciting for the kids to know the attractions before they get there. $20.00 at Big W.

My daughter got this game for herself awhile back, and when we went away on mass, kids of all ages (including a few teens) were keen to play it. It's basically Russian roulette with cream in the face. Kids love to play it, and love to watch it being played. You do have to buy that whipped cream to play though, and clean up. $10 at Kmart.

This is not a new game, but it's a great game if you have little kids of different ages. Little butterflies are shot out the trunk into the air and you have to catch them in a net as they come down. $12 at Target.

 Santa will also be bringing some backyard fun in the form of totem tennis and a slip'n'slide.

Will your Santa be bringing gadget-free fun? Do you play together over the summer holidays?

Add your Xmas posts below.

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  1. Oh so many great games! :) I wish I'd known about that escape room game earlier - it would be the perfect gift for my sister! I've already blown my budget on her this year though, haha!

  2. We have cake splat- such a laugh!

  3. Hi Lydia my first time linking up. Some great ideas for games, some of my grandchildren are at the right age to appreciate games now. Thanks!

  4. These are cool. I like the brain box one. Sorry I didn't link up this week. Didn't write about Christmas at all this week.

    1. PS Have now got a post for next linky. Yay! Ahead of the game this week.

  5. I might look at the Brain Box one for my girls for Christmas.

  6. So many great games. We're not really game players but we're rather partial to a spot of "Articulate." It's my favourite grown up game!

  7. I have to admit I was never much of a board game person growing up but my SIL and her family were and - as adults, or while my niece was growing up, we were forced into playing quite a bit. I do like the idea of a slip and slide though!

  8. I am not a board game fan but our daughter is and with her growing up family I do think she would see some ideas here...also for her school where she is teacher librarian. Kids love games! Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek

  9. Cake Splat is so popular over here in the US - though we call it Pie Face. It looks fun even if messy! :)

  10. My kids are still young so I have not introduced them to a computer yet. We love getting outdoors and exploring so that is what we will be doing this summer and maybe some camping.

  11. Escape Room looks like so much fun. I was tempted to buy last week.

  12. I particularly like the look of the world game, I will keep an eye out for it!