Monday 3 December 2018

Giving Gifts that Give Twice

If buying for people that really don't need anything, try to find something that gives to those that do. It doesn't lessen the enjoyment of the gift, but it does add to your pleasure, knowing that it's helping someone.

Consider the following:

Lush has bath melts that raise money for Transcend and Minus 18; the Inner Truth bath melt is raising awareness for Transgender and non-binary people. There's even a free booklet on how to be a trans ally, however just the bath melt as a stocking stuffer is doing good.

Thank You has gorgeous gift packs starting at just $16.  Thank you is a company that commits 100% of it's profits to end global poverty. The products have a number so you can see exactly where the funds are being directed from your purchase. If you don't want the gorgeous gift boxes, just go with a body wash or coffee scrub as a stocking stuffer.

Who Gives a Crap? has festively wrapped toilet paper or tissues with slogans on the box, that make a fun joke present, while also building toilets around the world. Perfect Kris Kringle to give 'in case someone gives you the sh#ts this xmas'

Oxfam always has a fabulous range of gifts that offer outreach to those in need or build communities around the world. The online shop has a fabulous range of xmas goodies to suit any budget. Plenty of Kris Kingle ideas here.

For little people, if in Sydney, head to Little Shop in the CBD for gorgeous hand knitted gifts that give proceeds to the hospital.

L'Occitane has partnered with Unicef and raising fund to help end childhood blindness. A little $4.50 soap is a great stocking filler or little gift.

A great family present for next year is the Camp Quality Advent Calendar. It has actvities that the family must do together - play an outdoor game in the evening, craft with nature, have a water fight and so on.

If they really need nothing, why not donate a plate to the Wayside Chapel to feed the homeless this Christmas? You get a paper plate to give to the person you gifted on the behalf of.

Given we spend almost 9 billion dollars on Christmas presents in Australia, let's try to make a sizeable chunk of that go to something worthwhile.

What are your fav charitable gifts for this Christmas?

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  1. Some really great ideas here! I especially love the idea of the advent calendar. As a rule we try to gift experiences or homemade stuff rather than "things" from a store. We've also stopped buying Christmas cards and instead send an annual e-greeting and donate money to charity instead. Christmas is all about giving after all.

    1. I have to admit I get real joy putting together #Itsinthebag and I do this thing for an assisted living, and always pick the older (usually male) teens and I really like getting them what they want. After that, it just feels like stuff for people that don't need anything, and it feels more like an obligation than the joy of giving...

  2. Bahaha I love who gives a crap??? I have no idea where people come up with these ideas but I love it.

  3. Love these ideas - I'm glad that so many companies have an ethical side to them now.

    Blogger doesn't seem to be recognisng me as logged in so *waves* it's normalness :)

    1. My page is extraordinarily difficult these days. The travel blog just shuts down the comments from time to time??

  4. That is a lovely wrap up post for IBOT Lydia! Thank you for sharing. Denyse #teamIBOT