Wednesday, 11 December 2019

2019 - a year in review

I have not a lot going on for #LovingLifeLinky so I thought I'd go early for my year in review, as there's plenty to be grateful for.

I started the year with a bang, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Bora Bora and then a family holiday in Thailand. Then it was gearing up for the big milestone birthday, which I discovered I took ageing in my stride and had a wonderful time. Having watched a number of friends struggle with their big birthday, I didn't know how I'd be when it hit. But I had a fabulous party and loved every minute of it.
Photo by 3 Island Whale Shark Dive

We had a blast at Bluesfest and swam with whalesharks in Exmouth. But sadly neither were holidays with our eldest child. We are reaching that stage of life where the family chips away a little...

I am continuing to give away stuff daily, and was delighted to learn we have been called the Magic House, as a stranger came to introduce themselves to me and thank me, letting me know which things they've taken over the years, and they're now doing the same. A small achievement but it felt SO good!

I toured around Canberra, Hunter Valley and Fitzroy Falls this year, in little mini adventures, as well as daytrips to the Blue Mountains and Wollongong. In the next weeks we have our annual jaunt to see the Hunter Valley Christmas Lights (so check out Insta for that). The biggest trip, however, was my 50th birthday trip with a friend to see the Great Wall of China. And it really is great! China blew my expectations, and it was interesting to see how little you really know about a place.

It has been a year of 50th parties, and I'm relishing the all the festivities - and discovering I've become so much more confident than I used to be. Even when some women ditched me on the dance floor, I was horrified they would behave so badly, instead of taking it on and making it about me, as I would have in those old days when I wrote about my Epiphany. With age can come great things.

My highlight of the year, however, has to be the invitation from the Prime Minister of Finland. It meant so much to me to be a part of something like that. I intend to wrangle another invite next year and go.

Day to day life has been busy and uneventful. But after many rough years, I'm quite happy with that. As I said to a friend, not great is still a luxury. Fine is just fine by me! I am focusing on keeping the fun and frivolity alive, the music and dancing on a regular basis, and finding joy where ever, and when ever I can.

I am very excited to be heading off to Norway, and due to a map reading error, heading into the Polar Night to an island very, very far North. I intend to take an extended break and actually write some stories, as I've really lost my mojo there.

 May 2020 bring us as a nation much change for the better.
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  1. What a memorable year of travel, Lydia! May 2020 bring you more adventure.

    SSG xxx

  2. Some wonderful travels you've done this year. Wishing you a merry holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year 2020. #lovin'lifelinky

  3. Lots of travel and excitement there - how wonderful!!! So many great memories!

  4. You've had a wonderful year and I envy your travels! Good for you giving away stuff like you do. All the best for a wonderful 2020. It's quite a thing starting a new decade isn't it? #TeamLovinLife

  5. sounds like you have had an exceptional year of travel. So enjoy more travel in 2020! I am joining you today at the Livin Life Linky.

  6. I travel thanks to you. Sure was a big year and hope that when you are back on board in Blogging in 2020 you will have more of your fab stories to share. Thank YOU for being a special guest at my 70th Birthday morning tea.

    Denyse x

    1. Thank you for your weekly prompts and connection, and for INVITING me!

  7. What a great year you have had love the tour I hope you have an even better 2020 :-)

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year :-)

  8. A wonderful year with so many wonderful places visited Happy Christmas #Twinklytueasday

  9. What a lovely year you've had. You shared some of the ones I've liked best from 2019.
    Thanks for joining the party at

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful year with many great memories to cherish.

    Here's to more travels in 2020!

  11. What a wonderful year full of travel X #twinklytuesday

  12. "And it was a veery good year..." Lydia! May 2020 be even better for you. Thank you for all your lovely photos and your contribution to the "My Sunday Best" meme.