Thursday, 18 November 2021

Stealing nature

 I haven't been out and about much of late, the weather has ruined my Bay Run outings and life in general has got in the way. I did have coffee with a friend in a park and managed to get myself sunburnt on the Bay Run yesterday but forgot to take any photos.

I loved this set up off the road in a busy inner city suburb. It's stealing a spot to enjoy nature where you can find it. 

Maybe we have to focus on the nature that fills the urban landscape.

So a super short #Allseasons as life is messing with me at the moment. In a niggly way, not anything major so have to be happy with that.

Take care and say safe. Watching Europe means we need to keep the masks and space, even if double vaxxed. We are not out of the woods just yet. Though it is lovely getting to restaurants and seeing freinds again.

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May life be half full for you. Or as overflowing as it can be in these challenging times we're living in.

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  1. We've not been to a restaurant in a very long time. We miss that.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. We don't go to restaurants anymore, it seems safer to order takeout and eat at home.

  3. I try to get some take-out from local places. Need to support them. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  4. ...I haven't taken a picture in a week, life cn get in the way! Thanks for hosting.

  5. I hear you about life getting in the way...