Thursday, 25 November 2021

Taking Stock - November

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Making :
  Plans. My January is booked flat chat so I only have three nights left available. I still have some Sydney Festival shows to book so will fill those quickly. Fingers crossed our numbers stay low and all can continue for a bit.

Cooking : A friend started a business Made By Lou and I gave it a go. The meals are very vegetable heavy (but cleverly hidden so my meat eating kids didn't complain) so I re-order a stack of meals for the freezer from the 'build your box' option as we have a number of nights out in the coming weeks. It allows me to feed the kids nutrious meals which I can pop in the oven while getting ready to go out. I don't have a mess to clean up but I'm not resorting to take-away either. (Note the boxes change weekly, and with the build a box, there's a big list to choose from). Website is still being built. Meals serve 4. So in answer to the topic, I am not cooking. I am reheating....and that makes me happy!

Drinking : Lychee Martinis when out, Negronis at home. And my beloved Christmas Gin. Already one bottle down. My second bottle is being delayed openning because I can't justify another one soon!

Reading:  The Railway Man by Eric Lomax (on Audible).. A very poetic and enchanting book while being also awful with the war experience. Loving it. 

Also started some Shirley Jackson short stories in The Missing Girl. I've been sending these little books out to people in lockdown because we needed a pick-me-up in that strange and horrible time.

Looking: At Art. I went to Doug Aitken at the MCA (which I LOVED!) and off to Matisse on Friday.

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Wishing: I had more time in the day. I just seem to never get enough done. 

Enjoying: Nude on SBS. It's completely absurd. You have to get past the first episode where I was just distracted by all the nakedness. Then you become a bit like the characters and you stop noticing. But it's very clever and I found it hilarious. Especially the bit about 5 episodes in that 'shocked' me, and I found it hilarious that something could be more shocking than all the nude bodies. Ha! Proving we become desensitised to everything eventurally if we see it enough.

Wondering: What kind of exercises the actors did to become so comfortable being naked all the time? Also were the crew naked in solidarity, to make the actors less self-conscious? Will I ever be able to watch a man jump again without that image in my head?

Wanting: A second season. (I need to say, I'm not really a big fan or nudity - I know, I'm old and went to a girls school, that stuff gets wired in, so I find it  hilarious I liked this show so much. My husband I thought it was stupid, I think. The kookiness appealled to me).

Loving: The smell of this. Makes me very happy every time I inhale it. 

Buying:  Christmas presents. 

Watching: Movies. We watched The Trip which is funny. Also SBS. And Priceless which leaves SBS in December).

Pondering:  Why do we pay for three streaming platforms when we always end up watching SBS?

Hoping: That COVID goes away and we don't go back into lockdown. Bad news out of Germany and Finland and so many other European countries. Just depressing.

Smelling: Fresh laundy. I've found some old perfumes and I use them in the laundy. They smell a little different to the original perfume but I like the way they make the clothes smell.

Wearing: Winter clothes again. This weather sucks.

Sorting: out stuff. When my eldest moved out, there was a lot of stuff to get rid of. This has sent the younger two in a tidying frenzy. So I am finding places to recycle 20 years worth of toys and books and clothes.

Getting: Excited about pending concerts. 

Disliking: Australian Politics. It's getting worse. All parties. And what does that then say about us?

Opening: packages.

Feeling: Worried that we are not out of this COVID fiasco yet. Madly doing all that I can while I can, but not booking OS - though worried I might miss my chance.

Listening: to this 

Do I donate my reverse advent to Foodbank or the Refugee Centre or do I put it in the street pantry? Which do you think will be of more use to people?

Hope you are all having a great month. Enjoy the party season!

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  1. You've had a wonderful month. So have we.

    Have a fabulous day, Lydia. ♥

  2. I love lychees but I haven't tried Lychee Martinis, that sounds like something I have to give a go.

  3. The reverse advent idea sounds wonderful! Might have to do that.

  4. You've had a good November. Keep on having fun! Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  5. Don't get me started on Aus politics!!!

  6. Hi Lydia. So much going on with your post. I'm that odd guy out who can't stand most comedy shows because of the silly factor. I don't want to act like an idiot myself and it makes no sense to me to watch it. But Naked??? Nope, I really don't need those images bouncing around my brain. I'm going to join your husbands side on this one.
    Our youngest child moved out in an odd way and we're only slowly getting his room de-kidded. The problem is that mom is often hyper nostalgic where the son and I are not. This might take a while.
    Re: politics. Yea, we best not go there. Here in the US we've disagreed with each other for as long as I've been alive but only recently have we had to deal with such blatant election fraud which I think has transformed the US into the most prosperous 3rd world country on the planet.
    - - sigh - -

  7. I don't think we are going to be out of Covid for a long time.....but it sounds like some good things have happened recently like the exhibitions and Christmas gin!

  8. Not sure where to start commenting, but think it's with SBS. I haven't yet seen Nude. My hubby wouldn't like it I don't think, but the kookiness appeals to me. I'm the same re the streaming services - nearly always end up watching ABC or SBS.

    1. It's so funny - more for how the viewer evolves. I was bug eyed in almost horror in the first episode (and a little weirded out by what a prude I was, and pitying the actors that were doing it - it's never sexy, very functional to the point of humilitating) but by the end you don't even notice and are about the characters and the story. It's clever but also very funny at times, twisting the norms.

  9. Hi Lydia - I'm so glad your social calendar is filling up because it seemed to be the thing that was really bugging you the most during lockdown. Loved the pre-packed meals because they'd be so much better than takeaway all the time and even better than having to come up with a meal that you don't even get to eat!

    1. Did I complain too much?? Opps. Very privileged and 1st world of me...(tho still supporting lockdowns when needed). Feel like a jerk now.

  10. I've not heard of Nude... I must check it out.

    I cannot believe your social calendar is full for January. I get stressed when I have the occasional commitment.

    Oh, I'm with out on Australian politics (!!!) and Covid!

    1. Well, if I get up to your part of the world, that will have to change! I have a qantas voucer and a free Accor night waiting to be we shall see....(Are you feeling the pressure?? ;)

  11. Waving hello from one of those depressing European countries, LOL. Yes, the situation is very dreary and I'm so tired of it.
    The Christmas gin sounds interesting! Is it made with some Christmas spices or is it just branded as a Christmas gin? The solid butter block (a soap? moisturizer?) looks fantastic!

    1. It tastes like a dessert - cloves and cinnamon and other spices - like a pudding. Just AMAZING. Sipped over ice with nothing else.

  12. You didn't as much complain but you let us know how much you hated being 'kept at home' during covid. I know you get your balance from being here there and everywhere so it was hard on you. Despite my great ambitions to get to Sydney and socialise, I am now finding I have a limit. (who knew) and perhaps I need to me more measured in my enthusiasm. It was great reading your post today after linking up for #LifeThisWeek on my blog. Thank you! I can’t believe we are in December! Now “only” 3 more Mondays for #lifethisweek in 2021. See you next week too I hope. Denyse.

  13. I've been hoping that COVID will go away too, fingers crossed we don't get another lockdown #KCACOLS

  14. I am always wishing for more time in the day bit it does seem like you are still getting quite a bit in. I am intrigued by Nude now will have to see if its being shown in the UK! Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS see you again next time.

  15. Way back in the day I was at Woodstock 99 and I remember that it was so hot that pretty much everybody was just about naked and by day three I wasn't even noticing boobies anymore. I was in my early 20s at that time so that's saying something! I hear you about the vid and about politics. Pretty sick of the nonsense all around #KCACOLS

  16. What a lovely month and the gin bottle is so pretty x #kcacols

  17. Love the sound of the Christmas gin! You've certainly been busy - I'm tired just reading everything you've been up to! Thanks so much for linking up to #KCACOLS!

  18. Love that little cafe scene at the end of your post. It looks so intimate!

  19. Yay for a social calendar that is filling up! I am loving the idea of the Made by You boxes and hope your friend is quite successful with it.

  20. I like that reheating idea. Our go-to quick freezer meal is pizza. Nude sounds intriguing, not seen it advertised. Never thought about using perfume in the laundry. Karen