Tuesday 25 November 2014

Conversation with Promises

There is an old Hebrew proverb “Promise little and do much” (Are there any new Hebrew proverbs? Or any new proverbs at all? I digress...).

We promise many things to many people, and then one way or another, we break them. Think New Year Resolutions. We promise ourselves a new and better lifestyle, and then we chuck in the idea by February, for the most part.

Or take the promises of the Liberal Party's Real Solutions. It was pledged prior to the election "No cuts to Education, no cuts to Health, no changes to pensions, no changes to GST, no cuts to ABC or SBS under any Govt I lead" Signed Tony Abbott. Eight months after the election, it appeared as if they had no intention of ever fulfilling those promises, given the proposed Budget. Which has hilarious irony, as I think there was also a promise to stop the lies...

However, a promise is just words unless it is fulfilled. Just words. Words to deceive, words to commit, words to bring comfort, words to break a person.

Think long and hard before you give a promise, because it's a judge on your character as to whether you uphold it, whether your actions are bound by the promises you give.

One the other hand, we need to look for the promise in situations and more importantly, in people. They may not be there yet, but if there is even the tiniest glimmer of potential, we need to help dig it out. Especially if it is in ourselves.

If we can work at digging through the mud and the dust and bring out the good, we will make the world a better place - I promise you that.

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  1. I have never thought about looking for the promise in a situation - thank you for opening my eyes to that today. You have really given me something important to think about. Love this especially "They may not be there yet, but if there is even the tiniest glimmer of potential, we need to help dig it out. Especially if it is in ourselves" Your contribution to #convocoffee this year has been invaluable and something I have truly appreciated - thank you Josefa xx

  2. Another thought inspiring post !!!
    Have a great week !
    Me xox

  3. I have to say that I don't trust any promises made by politicians but the one I make I take VERY seriously - in fact I won't promise unless I know I can deliver 100%!

  4. If only Mr abbott understood what promises meant! I saw a photo going around of him I front of a huge sign bearing those promises you listed, with a big picture of him and his signature running across it. He is standing there with it, trying to look like he has a shred of integrity. Someone has captioned it "Yeah, he said those things but it's not like he had them printed on a giant sign with his photo and signature and then stood in front of it for a photo....oh....wait..." Gave me a chuckle!

  5. You are absolutely right about promises being empty when unfulfilled, I've been teaching my 4 year if he agrees to something he has to follow through and I too to do the same.

  6. Australian politics... such a sorry state of affairs. As for promises, I take them very seriously in our lives too. It's all about trust.

  7. I see too many promises thrown about as a bunch of words with very little action to follow. Where has the weight of a promise gone these days? A promise is supposed to be sacred - and followed by actions to fulfill the promise. I would never make a promise that I was not certain I could fulfill. What a great subject to talk about! :-)

  8. I was always told don't make promises. Just let your yes be yes and your no no.. If you can't say either confidently, say so. Good advice really.

  9. Naw, that's lovely Lydia. I like the idea of looking for promise, not promises, as the new year comes around :)

  10. I like that proverb. It really peeves me off when people break promises. I think it's a childhood thing.
    But looking for promise is searching for hope, I guess. And in the case of the current political and social climate of our nation, that can't be a bad thing.

  11. Great way of looking at life, promise little and do lots :) Need to take on board that bit of wisdom.
    I try not to promise unless I can follow through, especially with my boys because i want to be the example for them :)