Saturday 15 November 2014

Family Fun

One of my many favourite quotes (and there are hundreds) on Arrested Development is on family:
George Michael Bluth: It’s like you always say, family first, unless there’s a work thing… then work first.

(We all know why that is funny, but this isn't a post about that)

This is a quick and lazy guide to finding fun things to do as a family. When the kids are little, and around the same ages, it's fine, but once you scale age brackets, there's always someone missing here's a few fun ideas for people straddling tots and teens. (Unfortunately, money is an object and there isn't any free stuff listed, but anyone with a teen will be learning that).

Bowling - it is fun for everyone, and it is surprisingly expensive.

iFly - mega expensive but so much fun and everyone will love it. The shared joy and laughter is well worth it.

Fun runs - again costly but all ages enjoy the Color Run or Electric Run, the added 'fun' of the event makes it a real bonding experience.

Putt Putt - all ages love this. We go to Golf Paradise that has a deal that you get free putt putt with lunch, so we now have a ritual in the holidays.

Boat hire - either kayaks or tinnys, or if your little one is really little, there are Barbeque boats (we hired one in Berowra once) that are like floating pontoons with walls, and the teens will get a kick out of driving the boat.

Sandboarding - Our family loves this and it's great exercise and thrills.

The important thing, in all these adventures is you all do it. Mum and Dad too. And not activities where one parent and the youngest child are segregated from the rest of the group.

What do you like to do together?

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  1. We love bowling. The kids like putt putt, too, but it's not one of my favourite activities.

  2. We haven't been bowling in ages, I really should take Mr 5. It's great that they have the bumper bars too because it means that it doesn't get boring for kids.

    Thanks for linking up with me x

  3. These sound like so much fun. Looking forward to doing a few when the girls are a bit older... play centres are getting tired.