Tuesday 4 November 2014

Shifting Sand

I see life like a massive, seemingly endless desert. You are marching uphill towards the peak of a dune, or sliding down joyously the other side. Or standing at the top, looking over the expansive peaks, enjoying the view.

The thing with dunes is that they move. Sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.

Earlier this week I got a phone call with some bad news - I knew it was coming but it doesn't make it easier. The sand under my feet began to shift a little. There is a long road ahead of difficult and heart breaking times, and a sad, inevitable end, which I'm still not ready to think about.

Yesterday, out of the blue, I got another call, on a different matter. The sands shifted dramatically. I've lost my footing. I was totally unprepared for what I heard on the other end of the line.

I am grateful in this case for the warning. I am astounded I could be so oblivious. I'm at a loss of what to do, and hope whatever I do is enough.

Enjoy those rewarding climbs to the top. Enjoy the view. Relish the joyful slides down, with the wind in your hair.

Happiness is fleeting and life can't be planned. So treasure those good times, as they are the goal.

As the landscape shifts, and shifts again, remind yourself you can dust yourself off and reset your path. There are new peaks to climb and the view from the top will be just as awe-inspiring when you eventually get there.

Linking up with Things I Know, because I know this to be true.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you have had two phone calls like that recently. You are so right about life being like a sand dune - life is constantly changing and it takes a strong person to be able to ride out those changes.
    Sending heaps of hugs to you !
    Me xox

    1. Thanks - I'm old and people I love are older than me...it sucks getting old.

  2. So sorry to hear. Thinking of you. Raych xx

  3. I'm sorry you've had so much bad news recently, I hope you find your way back to the top of the dunes in time xx

  4. You write so beautifully. It is always a pleasure to read your words, even if what they discuss is negative. Hugs.

  5. So sorry that you have received bad news this week. I hope that you are doing ok xx

  6. Sorry to hear this Lydia. I'm also waiting on a call today that I suspect will not be good news. You are right, people get old and bodies fail and we need to remember the joy of the top of the dune to help us get through the pain at the bottom. Hugs to you x

  7. Oh, gosh. Getting a little teary over this one.
    "Happiness is fleeting and life can't be planned. So treasure those good times, as they are the goal." - This is so true. Life is also fleeting so best to treasure all those ups and downs. Thank you for this. I hope all works out on your end x

  8. Sending all the positive vibes your way.
    Life really can change in a heartbeat.

  9. Gosh, Lydia, I hope everything is okay. Let it flow, dearest, let it flow. x