Thursday 20 November 2014

Open Season on Women

Does anyone else get the feeling that it's suddenly become open season on women? First that 'dating expert', then the Redfoo fiasco, and now Mark Latham. And of course, the Anti-Feminist movement.

A Feminist is a person who supports Feminism. Yep, that's the definition.
The definition of Feminism is the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

So because I think I should be paid the same as a man doing the same job, and have the right to vote, I have somehow, 45 years after the big movement (or 114 years, depending how you look at it) come up for discussion again. I am somehow offensive because I want to be seen as equal to others.

According to Mark Latham, I don't like to be around my children. In one fell swoop he insulted me because I believe in equal rights, where I live, and my ability to be a good mother.

I volunteer at 2 different schools, helping children other than my own twice a week. Do I hate being around those children too? I do this because our school systems are underfunded and need volunteers for literacy programmes (and other programmes). Instead of slagging off women, how about you do something productive about that issue, Latham? If you want media attention, make something good happen in our children's schools or is that too hard because it requires effort and thought, and it's easier just jump on a pointless bandwagon of women-bashing?

I have taken on extra children after school in ongoing standing arrangements for the last nine years. For a few years it was 2 days a week, currently only one day a week. This regular 'babysitting' was free of charge to help working women on the days that I was home, because community means helping those that need it. As a feminist, if I chose not to work, I am happy to make life easier for those that need to, or want to, because their children are part of my community. I am currently doing it to help a single dad, because that's part of equality, not favouring a gender. Apparently, I don't like being around children so much I take on more.

Are you telling me, by your own definition, when you were in politics, you hated being around your children? According to you, all women who work (or is it just women in the inner city?) don't like to be around their children. So men who work must also not like being around THEIR children too, as men can also be feminists if they don't see women as inferior beings. Have you informed your children of this? It must make them feel so good about themselves. I am glad also, that when you failed in your political venture and became a stay at home dad, it meant over night you loved being around your children. Congratulations.

Lastly, are you genuinely trying to tell me that there are no feminists outside of the inner city? That if a teen girl works at Penrith McDonalds, she should be happy to be paid a lower hourly rate than the teen boy on the register? That a female school teacher at Campbelltown Primary should be happy that her male counterpart is paid more for the same hours? That the female surgeon at the Liverpool Hospital shouldn't expect to earn the same pay as a male? I do not believe you would find ANY women who would think that was a fabulous idea.

Lastly, Mr Latham, I take it you are opposed to medicine, as it goes against 'nature's way'? You must be pro violence, because back in the caveman day, that was nature's way of getting what you want?

As a stay at home dad, am I right to assume your wife works? So in your own argument, you have just insulted her. You have announced to the world that your wife is unnatural and doesn't like being around her children. I'm sure she appreciates that vote of confidence from her husband, who she is allowing the luxury of staying at home. You do, of course, have the luxury of the parliamentary pension, funded by working women's tax, not just male taxpayers. Most of us are not funded by tax payers in quite the same way.

I am glad Elizabeth Blackburn works, I am glad Marie Curie chose to work, same with Rosalind Franklin, and countless others that have made major medical breakthroughs. I don't assume they chose to do so to get away from their children. They were thinking of humanity. How about you do the same?

(For those that missed it, Junkee posted this yesterday)

I'm not even going to ask what kind of man attacks a woman with Depression in PANDA week - but here's some facts for you, Mr Latham.

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  1. Well said. That man is a walking (bad) headline.

  2. I totally agree - well said !!!
    Have a great weekend !

  3. Yes - agree with every word you say!

  4. Completely agree with you on this one.

  5. Awesomely written Lydia. I couldn't believe he said what he did, but I was not surprised.

  6. Standing up and bloody applauding this post because I could NOT have said it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Em xx

  7. I am a big fan of the saying "live and let live"
    I have made my choices, they are my choices and are best for my family. Every single situation is different and no one has the right to judge.