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Friday, 28 November 2014


There is a real benefit to holidays - you escape routine, you escape demands and most of all, you escape yourself. You become someone open to adventure, open to 'laziness', and a little more focused on the moment.

It can be one night, it can be a week. It can be overseas, seeing the world or down the road, looking at your hometown with new eyes.

It can cost a lot, or nothing at all.

Terry Pratchett sums it up perfectly  "Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving”
So dust off your ideas - house swap, camp, look for specials and fly. There is a world out there screaming for your attention, and offering you a new lease on life.

I for one, need little encouragement.

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And if you're looking for ideas, here's some of my FAVS (yes, yes, gratuitous promotion of my travel blog - but the pictures are so pretty):


Siem Reap:

Blue Mountains:

Hunter Valley:


Daytrip to Ettalong by boat:


  1. So true, so true!
    I am dying to go to London. Just pining for a trip there in every spare moment...sigh.

  2. So very true!! It's only when we go away on holidays that we truly give ourselves permission to relax, be lazy, be adventurous. We escape our usual routine, obligations and responsibilities. It free's us! And - as you say - when we go home - we go home refreshed and viewing everything with fresh, renewed eyes.

  3. Well yesterday I gave myself to have a holiday - at home - with a sleep in, a morning of crocheting and TV watching while A was out helping a friend install a ceiling fan, then a nap in the afternoon rounded off with a 7km run - all in all a great Sunday !
    Thinking of you and your family and sending huge hugs your way xox

  4. We have a week away at the beach/river over the Xmas/New Year and I can not WAIT! There will be no work for me and no blogging - I can't wait!

  5. I am just looking forward to staying home these holidays. Maybe just a local getaway. I do love going to new places and seeing new things. We have a beautiful country with so many fab sights to see. After we have been away, I am always so happy to be home. I love the comforts of home.

    1. You would not believe it, I wouldn't have believed it a week ago. But in the meantime we have just purchased a holiday home 30 minutes away! I guess we will have our local getaway!

  6. What is this holiday that costs nothing at all?!?! Tell me more. I want one!!

  7. We made the mental decision to book a trip to Fiji again next year as we got a really cheap deal. I am trying not to get excited as we still have 5 months until we leave and the mere thought of swimming, cocktails, massages and relaxation is making me mental!!
    Will be over on Sunday to link up!!

  8. We are in the midst of holiday planning right now - will be checking out your holiday blog for more ideas Lydia!

  9. I am really lucky, SD and I do lots of things. Sometimes it's just an afternoon out, sometimes it's a few days away in the van. We don't have the funds for big holidays abroad but in some ways I think we get a better deal with lots of smaller things to look forward to all through the year.

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