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Friday, 7 November 2014

Time Conquers All

I saw this clock the other day and thought 'How frickin' depressing!' It really made my mood sink. About 15 minutes later, after stomping around in vile agitation in my head, I remembered, I usually thought of that as a positive notion, and had in fact written a post about it previously.

So I did a poll on Facebook (before you read other comments, let me know if you see this as positive or negative type of thing), and there were only 3 negatives in a sea of positives.

That is the lesson. Perception is 99% of the problem, or as Jack Sparrow would say "The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." There is no reality, only perception. If we can't change things, we need to work on our headspace about it.

I was watching the Mindy Project and someone said 'Bad things are always going to happen to you, you can't change that. But it's how you handle it that matters, and you handled that pretty well'.

So I am focusing on the Niki Lauda life lesson, because 'all the girls love Niki Lauda'...

Linking up this old post for #ThankfulThursday as I needed to reread it myself. There's a world imploding around me and I'm not able to do much to make it right for the person. I want to, it's just not something I can fix. The good news is, that in time it will heal and I need to focus on that thought, while I help them through the horrible transition. I am thankful that ultimately, time will heal this.


  1. I'm not great with recipe blogging, so I'm off topic for I must confess this week, having a bit of a rant fest. I blame the full moon and trying hard to see the positives.

  2. Beautiful and very true. Love your wisdom Lydia.

  3. Perception has a lot to answer for I say !!!
    Hope you had a great weekend !
    Me xox

  4. Perception is everything. Reality only exists through your own perception of it. That's my deep and meaningful two cents worth for the day, anyway x

  5. You know, I read that quote and liked it ... reminds me of one of my fave sayings when life is getting me down "this too shall pass"!

  6. Oh I can sympathise with the stomping around. I have been in absolutely foul mood over the last couple of weeks and everyone is copping it. I keep saying to myself that it will all soon pass...once the medication kicks in. At least that is what we are all hoping for!

  7. I think I see it as a positive, all things pass the good and the bad. I just try and enjoy the good when it is happening as things will turn fast enough! p.s I love your views on perception some of my biggest lessons have come out of what I would consider very unpleasant events...

  8. My husband and I were talking about this this week too. It's really easy to forget that it's your reaction that dictates how the big bad world impacts on you. It's all in your control. I suppose that is a mindfulness thing.

  9. And your perception can change from day to day. Love the Mindy Project! :)

  10. Looking at things in a "New way" sometimes works well, other times I have to work through the negatives to find the positives :)
    But its so very true - how one handles the issue is what counts not what the issue is :)

  11. Yep. It's all about perception!
    Behind every negative is a positive waiting to shine ...
    behind every challenge is an opportunity for growth ...
    And all that.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit