Wednesday 14 June 2017


I can't write about my first concert, as I have no idea what it was.I'm old. Who can remember that far back into the last century?

I can write about my last concert, because it was last night. Beth Orton at the Opera House for Vivid. It wasn't really my type of music. It was in 1997, but that was twenty years ago and I've moved on, musically speaking. It didn't help that I mixed her up with Meredith Brooks, who was kicking around the same time, all those years ago. A lot of people seemed to enjoy it, and she almost filled the concert hall but for me, it was a waste of time.

So I will talk about my second last concert, the Thundamentals at the Enmore. Love the venue, we were right up the front, and they're a lot of fun. Got quite a workout jumping around. I did get a little weirded out by their constant talk of our need to love each other - I wondered if they were some sort of christian cult, but no, just trying to encourage peace.

A man at the bar complained to my friend that he felt old in the crowd. She asked him how old he was, and he replied 28. She's only just 40, so I kept very, very quiet. Safe to say I was probably the oldest person there, but it didn't matter, and no one seemed to care. And best of all, neither did I.

What was your first concert? Can you remember? More importantly, do you still go to gigs?

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  1. The only gigs I go to these days are related to childrens' groups. The Wiggles, Lah Lah and her Big Band... That being said, I can do the moves and sing with the best of them at these concerts :-P

    SSG xxx

  2. I think mine was Status Quo at the Horden Pavilion in Sydney. Seems so long ago now. The best concert we have been to was Roger Waters 'The Wall' Saw it twice in Brisbane and then twice in Germany. It was an experience my husband and I will never forget.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  3. My first concert was Leo Sayer with my parents. but that doesn't count. My first REAL concert was Wham. I don't do a lot of concerts but my last one was AC/DC with the hubby a year or so ago. YASSS!!!!

  4. I can't really remember either, but I think it must have been Simply Red back the 80s. I don't go anymore cos I don't do well with crowds and noise and can't afford it anyway.

  5. Interesting that you, and many others including my daughter who is 45 are attending gigs. Her last one was Dixie Chicks. Now she also takes her son (our talented grandson) to DefQon gigs because he is a DJ...aged 16. I know! She has to attend as his legal guardian. Thanks for linking up today for #lifethisweek 25/52. Next Week: Halfway Review 2017.

    1. I'll be offline for next week (until mid July) so will see you then. I went to Sterosonic without my kids! I just have stunted maturity apparently ;)

  6. Beth Orton isn't quite my cup of tea either. But I LOVE The Enmore! It's such a beautiful venue with great sound. I always feel like the oldest one at the show as well, but I'm caring less about it now.

  7. ...well Lydia, this style isn't for me, but the message is great. Fifty years ago my wife and I went to see Blood Sweat and Tears, I should have had ear production. Loud rock music has taken its toll over the years. Thanks for sharing this week, please stop back again!

  8. First concert was Neil Diamond and I was 14 or 15, many many years ago!

  9. My first concert was a mixture of loads of pop bands like Girls Aloud and McFly! Thanks for joining us at #fortheloveofBLOG