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Thursday, 22 June 2017

First of the Month Fiction - July

I'm shutting the blog a little early so I can focus on all my tax responsibilities before the school holidays hit us. Have a great break and enjoy. (and may you all get refunds).

For newbies, write a story in 100 words exactly or one less than 30, add it to the comments and then link your blog. Mine's 100 but I've cheated with the title.

The Museum of Broken Relationships.

He knew before Valarie moved in, he'd have to get rid of it. The memories stored in his bathroom vanity. Small bottles of perfume, a hair elastic, a worn pink toothbrush. He didn't know why he'd kept them so long. Most days he didn't notice it. Occasionally an item would catch his eye and he'd finger it forlornly. The tangibility of lost romance quietened his unease. Not pain nor longing. The guilt of looking back on an old relationship a little too often for someone in love?

He picked up the perfume, inhaling deeply. He could treasure it for another week.

There actually is a Museum of Broken Relationships (there's actually THREE!) and I love that they have gift shops. I've been quite obsessed with this idea since I read about it. Anyone heading to Croatia, check it out!

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Travel safe and enjoy the break! See you in July.

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  1. There were 77 people in the room. Clarissa loved the symmetry of 77. The fact this number was her age was even more symmetrical. Clarrisa’s life was one big exercise in symmetry. Two sets of twins – twin boys and twin girls – each of which had their own perfectly symmetrical families with 8 grandchildren now in the room waiting for cake. Clarissa’s symmetry included a husband whose birthday fell on the same day as her own. She looked to her left and two symmetrical tears rolled down her once symmetrical face. A vacant seat, a vacant heart and an asymmetrical ending.

    1. This is beautiful - I did not see it coming at all. I was smiling at the quirkiness and then literally my smile dropped. Great story!!

  2. Oh Nikki Parkinson (from Styling You) is enroute to Croatia at the moment!

    Happy holidays! x

  3. Deborah just said what I was going to! What is it about Croatia. Everyone who goes raves about it! Thank you for linking up. Next week will be the last link up for a while. My blog post of this week explains the reason.

  4. I a intrigued by the Museum of Broken Relationships. I remember hearing a podcast about it.

    SSG xxx

  5. Now I have to google Museum of Broken Relationships! May your tax return be painless and your refund be fat!

  6. That's really beautiful, Lydia. Great premise. The museum sounds very intriguing.

    Here's my story:

    After 19 years of marriage, Kyla had discovered something. Herself. She looked at her passport. Time to do something for herself. She tried to imagine Josh's face when he saw her letter. The kids were teenagers. They would cope. The taxi glided away to the airport. She'd never done anything rebellious in her life. The perennial good girl, always pleasing others. Not anymore. Then the panic hit. What was she doing? Her heart was racing. She would have to turn around and go back. Then she remembered something. It was time to push through fear. There was no turning back. 

    Have a great holiday!

    1. Yay to discovering yourself and yay to travel. Sad about the marriage and kids she coming back?

  7. Two glugs and a dash. The standard tipple for Jackie after a long day at the call centre though whereas before one would do it was now just the start for the evening.

    Dutch courage, a coping mechanism, who knows? She stared at the photo of her with a young-looking Jennifer. Her life partner she thought until that fateful visit to the Hunter valley.

    Hot air balloon ride, artisan cheese, long hot bubble baths and a roll in the hay. Perfect until the wine tasting and visiting sommelier. Taken from her by a French brunette. “c'est bon, n'est-ce pas?”. Indeed…