Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Loving Books, Loving Life.

I've had a lot of things to do and places to be this week, so the highlight for me has been the audio books in the car. I've ploughed through both Educated by Tara Westover for bookclub which I found very stimulating on ideas of history and personal narrative, and how fluid the 'truth' is and The Last Days of August by Jon Ronson (Please note trigger warnings on subject matter re suicide and abuse. It's very sad but in a similar vein to Serial, and just fascinating).

There's something so invigorating when you feel the need to devour a book - I even listened to The Last Days of August while exercising as I knew I couldn't finish when the kids were around and I 'needed' to get to the end.

Next up will be One for the Trouble, a collection of short stories. Sometimes the books in the car is what gets me through the difficult or mundane days.

When I don't have time to sit and read, I love the momentum of audio books (in the car or while I'm cooking) to keep me stimulated.

Do you listen to audio books? What are you currently reading?

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PS I just finished the audio verison of Remains of the Day and it is brilliantly read. I loved it so much!



  1. I have never listened to an audio book but I would like to! I think it would be so relaxing and lovely to have the story read to me! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  2. I just finished Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, a Canadian author, who won the 2018 Giller Prize for this book. A great read that I can see made into a movie. #TeamLovinLife

  3. Hear, hear! I love getting immersed in the world of a good book. I'm in the middle of some very addictive series right now. Hurrah! I don't have to think about their ending. For now.

    SSG xxx

  4. I have never listened to an audio book, but my drive to work is less than 10 minutes so I probably wouldn't get past a page or two each day...but it could be nice when I am chilling at home and don't have the energy to pick up a book!

  5. I am with you I find audio books relaxing and a way to drift off listening to a story especially in bed lol X #stayclassymama

  6. I've never yet tried audio books, but having been in Sydney this week and doing the commute thing from the suburbs I've managed to devour a couple of books so far this week.

  7. I love books but haven't tried audio ones although my cousin and a friend use them all the time. I can so easily get lost in a book especially if I'm not having a fabulous day. #Lovin'LifeLinky

  8. I've never thought to listen to audio books, I think I usually zone out with music, but I enjoy the odd play on radio 4 so might give it a go. #GlobalBlogging

  9. I just finished Michelle Obama's, Becoming. What a book. And best of all, she narrates it, so she is in the car with me. It is pretty amazing hearing her story straight form her lips. I laughed, I cried... Totally recommend it. #globalblogging xoxo